Effect Of Border Closure To The Econonomy Of A Country

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          Firstly i will like to elaborate on the word BORDER  it is a common bandry between two state, where common interactions are passed between.

         There has always been a common threat between borders in many country which has made it a great work for the the law enforcement agencies to stick to post to make sure all things in and of the border are supervised, through the need of surveillance machines most of the activities are curbed as most of them are very hard to detect who mare observations some of the threat are:.

  1. Drug trafficking 
  2. Kidnapping 
  3. Smuggling of foreign weapons 
  4. Snuggling of uncertified consumable etc.


  • ​​​​​​LOW TURNUP OF BUSINESS : as many business depend on bi-state transactions it brings down the turnup of business and at times trashes down most of the small scale business. 
  • POOR ECONOMICAL SYSTEM : due to no entry to the state the state tend to loose money and makes the lack behind. 
  • POOR CITIZENS: the citizens of a country with closed start to lack monetary income and increasing the rate of poverty in the country. 
  • INCREASED IN INBOUND CRIME : due to breakdown in many business many people out of frustration join bad gang and crime rate in the country increase. 


  • JOINT TEAM TASK FORCE: there should be a team comprising all the law enforcement agencies working together. 
  • GOVERNMENTAL SPECIAL TRAINING : government should should special training to the law enforcers to give them required know to protect the bandry
  • INTERCOUNRY SECURITY JOINT TEAM TASK FORCE :  there should be a common relationship between the forces of both state to help give a run around security checks.
  • PROVISIONS OF ELECTRONICALLY SEARCH EQUIPMENT : government should provide the security agencies with all needed equipment to supervise the in and out of the border. 

Effect of border closure to the econonomy of a country - By Mohd Bashir Abdulyekeen - 2019-11-08 07:23:35

In Nigeria, effect of boarder closure will always be positive, but the method the federal government employed is not only crude but lame, to close borders there must be on ground provitions to sustain the teeming population, how can government close borders without providing alternatives to services that requires borders operation.


Effect of border closure to the econonomy of a country - By Iheme Charles - 2019-11-08 15:04:47

I believe that closing the border was the best option for our country even though it had its drawbacks. This is the only way this country will stop being self reliant on other countries and start to appreciate their own products. It may be hard and uncomfortable but with time we will see progress as long as our leaders don't sabotage it


Effect of border closure to the econonomy of a country - By Joan Oguaolu - 2019-11-11 22:26:23

The border closure in Nigeria is actually seen by most Nigerians in a positive manner...the reason for this is because it made Nigeria invest more on their local produce.For example rice was mainly imported from other countries buh since the closure of the border,we have learnt to develop what we have and make efficient use of it