Factors That Can Ruin Your Relationship

It can be heartbreaking when you discover that the person you once cherished so much that you could hardly live a day without them has suddenly become a stranger to you. The connection disappears; the love begins to fade away; the affection begins to reduce; the connection then breaks eventually. Most of the time, some couples can pinpoint the exact cause of the failing relationship, while some can not explain the reason they are having problems with their lovers. When a couple can not explain why their relationship is failing, it means there is an undiscovered attitude among them which is affecting the relationship. This article will open your eyes to a certain behaviour that you may not see as a big deal but is secretly ruining your relationship with your spouse. Read on.

1. Acting like you are alone in the relationship
It is called a relationship because it requires a combination of two separate bodies. The relationship won't work if you're doing "a lone ranger" kind of thing. You take decisions alone without carrying your partner along; you take certain steps that are vital with what you share with your partner without her consent; it ought not to be so. You are facing a severe issue that is affecting you, that is eating you deeply on the inside yet you refuse to talk to your partner about it, rather, you prefer to carry it all in your head alone, it ought not to be so. Your relationship is suffering something serious, but you think you can handle a sinking ship on your own.

There have been cases where an individual has good intentions of keeping certain things to himself or herself; perhaps it may be as the case or situation warrants, some may not even see the need to throw their partner into worry, stress or panic and so they shoulder it all alone, but I want to say that these are reasons why you are two, there is a reason why you are partners, it is so that you can work together. 

2. Dishonesty:
A relationship, where honesty is not observed, will not last, except if both parties intend to fool each other. Cheating is not a new case in relationships; it is something we hear and see all around us, but yet, it keeps happening over and over again. Some people have serious trust issues, and that makes them kind of reluctant to open up to people, but even they eventually do, and that trust they try so hard to keep safe is broken, what do you think would happen?

When an individual cheats in a relationship, he or she carves out a scar that may never heal on the relationship as a whole, not only that, the partner can never trust such person as they did in time past. Dishonesty kills a relationship faster than anything else because once the second party realized that he or she could not trust the one person they thought they once thought they could commit their life to, then the idea of breaking upset in. 

3. Lack of communication:
Communication begins to waver at some point because the whole thing becomes boring and you suddenly become tired, the girl you begin to retract, you suddenly reduce the amount of time you would typically spend to talk to your partner on phone, the amount of time you spend to text each other all because the topics you use to discuss no longer make sense to you or they have started to expire. Communication is a vital key that boosts relationships; it gives your relationship life; it increases the bond between both parties. 
The truth of the matter is that what makes you happy is worth fighting for. There is no need to panic when the relationship starts to become boring and dry no, there has been a point where it happened in other people's relationships too, but because they realize it is worth fighting for, they fought for it. Go back to the beginning, go back to being friends, begin to do those things that always attract funny comments from your partner, rekindle that fire that is burning out.

4. Third Parties:
Inviting third parties into Your Own life could cause damage beyond repair, let alone inviting a third party into the personal matter between you and your lover (by the way, that includes his own life too). The truth is that, these people you are calling into your relationship are outsiders and not the person you love, they are not the person you are dating, so even though they may have good intention, there will always be a situation where they pull the wrong string, say wrong things, give the wrong advise that may ruin everything.

Your relationship belongs to you and your partner, alone. When you go about seeking advice from different kinds of people, I want you to know that they will advise based on what they have seen and experiences and there is very high chance that you do not have the same experience nor the same problem, so using their solution to solve Your problem can result in the whole thing blowing up in your face.


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  • Yes. Also insecurity or lack of trust. Can ruin a relationship. Suspecting your partner for no reason can make things quickly go sour, because it will soon lead to dishonesty, lack of openness until there is no trust at all present. 

    - Olubowale Oluseyi - 2020-02-17 10:57:16 Quote

  • Not Being patient in listening to your partner's opinion. Some people like only their voice to be heard in the relationship and not caring about the other partner's opinion. And this causes relationship crisis.  Being controlling as well.  Many people like to be very possessive.  They don't even give their partner breathing space.

    - Mary Kehinde - 2020-02-18 23:00:03 Quote

  • Sometimes differences in opinions, likes, dislikes, tends to create arguments more often. And when something is persistent(e.g arguments and problems) , a person gives in to impatience and thus creates a rift. 

    - Napitoambo Nelson - 2020-02-19 09:58:33 Quote

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