Factors To Be Considered Before Getting A House

It is actually a life desire of every person to own a house but in doing so some factors must be considered to make such a house good for heathly living.

1: good site


3:site surroundings

4: sanitation

5:building design


Good site: the site chosen for building a house should not be water logged or marshy as such area will provide breeding grounds for malaria carrying mosquitoes and other harmful insects.A higher ground is better for buildings a house than q lower ground because such a house receives drier and cooling wind.

Orientation: this orientation reduces the heat of the sun. A well planned house must have a correct orientation, it is better to locate the bedrooms to the east or south side of the house and not to the south west side, I bet most people don't know this.

Site surroundings: the building should be surrounded by an open space for free movement of air around and through the house. Trees are good but they should be planted some metres away from the house. Trees act as strong wind breakers and they purify the surrounding air by ascribing carbon(iv)oxide and give out oxygen for respiration.

Layout plan/components: the components of a standard house must consist of the following:

1: bedroom for sleeping

2:sitting room for social interaction

3:shaded front veranda for outdoor social life

4: covered back veranda for cooking

5: a small kitchen

6: a small lockup store near the kitchen for storage of food and cooking utensils.

7: a toilet

8: a bathroom 

9: an incinerator for burning refuse after dustbin collection.


I hope this helps in one way or the other, you can also add yours.

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  • Another important thing to do before getting a house is to try and find out from those living around the place, possibly neighbors about how the area is and if there are major concerns about the safety or security issues or other things, another thing is the landlord,make sure the person is someone you can relate with as this has being a major thing to consider because it often leads to serious dispute in the future

    - Julius John - 2019-10-08 08:31:13 Quote

  • It would also be nice to find out some things form people living around about the environment. if its peaceful, quiet, thieves free and so on. You also need to consider thses few things too before getting a house.

    - Odibo valentine - 2019-10-08 11:22:05 Quote

  • You made your point and it's superb  but there are many others things that should be considered before getting a house, such as the neighborhood(the kind of people living there) whether it is a place conducive for raising children  another things is security,  light, and water supply.. You need to take time and do a thorough survey of the area 

    - Onyebuchi Bednar - 2019-10-08 12:24:44 Quote

  • When prepared  to rent an apartment one needs to observe the area to know the security strength.  This is the most important of all, thereafter one should consider the soil's nature of the area is swampy or dry.  The beat time to dobaich is during rainy season. Then you consider the infrastructures there,  light,  water and so on. 

    - Raphael Babatunde - 2019-10-08 18:12:16 Quote

  • I love the post infact it will guide people that are intend to build house, when people adhere to the factor I believe that when house is been constructed on the land the people will have a good home, peace, and harmony 

    - Olaitan Adesina - 2019-10-08 18:21:10 Quote

  • Some other factors also include;

    1. Transportation 

    2. People living around

    3. Security :- Security is very key when it comes to the aspect of getting a house. You must ensure that there is optimal security in that area.

    4. Electricity and Water.

    - Yusuff-oke Oluwaseun - 2019-10-08 18:23:20 Quote

  • Up cause all what have been started now it is the factor that to be consider before getting aa house but there are also some of the factors like weather the area is conducive or not,also the security of an area,weather the area it has available water or not because water is one of the necessary for all human being,and other some of things that people needed.

    - Dalhatu Halliru - 2019-10-08 18:55:53 Quote

  • Most people just go about choosing houses that are not conducive for livingbecause of the economy and a kind of country that we live in everybody is struggling for a house to someone just comes up and build a structure that is not strong enough and doesn't meet the standards of housing and then people just come and rent it just to be safe and have somewhere to keep their heads that it is bad people are preying on the insecurities of other people

    - Joseph Lawrence - 2019-10-08 19:28:12 Quote

  • Make sure that the water facility is working and in stable condition, look out for parking space for your vehicle, be enlightened on the security situation of the area and know the ratings before paying, asking questions will help in finding out the nature of the environment you are moving to. 

    - Chidimma Ovat - 2019-10-09 09:03:05 Quote

  • Yes is true. Another factor to consider is proximity to market. Because their will times that you will like to eat something and you don't have it in your store that you can easily get at market Place. Another factor is good power supply. 

    - Oxygen Sammy - 2019-10-09 21:04:13 Quote

  • Nice post. You have mentioned it all. Before acquiring a new site or landed property, its advisable to don't he neeedful and be on the safer side then being sorry for not doing them. Above all what you said, security is most paramount, so it's advisable to ask around for how secure a neighborhood is before building houses or before getting a house.

    - Adesina Oluwadare - 2019-10-09 22:13:02 Quote

  • The factors are superb and I wish to add this to it.. 

    You have to think of the cost of living in the area you are about to build your house on because you can't compare  the way you live and buy things in your former area with your new site.. 

    Another one is the electricity wish is important even if you have a light generating machine (generator) ,you still going to need the nepa light because the cost of the petrol you going to be buying everyday is not to talk of and the money would be spend on another things if the generator issues is not in.. 

    The environment you are about to build your house on should be consider also.. The kind of neighborhood they are, do they practice love and also do they condusive nature.. 

    - Alalade Temilade - 2019-10-09 22:18:55 Quote

  • First and foremost, what one needs to considered before getting a house is to find out about the people living within that area. Because if one live with bad minded people it would affect one children throigh the influence of bad people living in that specific area. So it's prominent for one to find this out before taking any other steps.

    - Olowode Yusuf - 2019-10-10 19:28:25 Quote

  • 1. How secure the environment is

    2. Electricity supply

    3. People living in the environment

    4. Distance of the house to your working place so as to reduce stress and transport fare

    5. Is it an environment that encourage sales or business 

    - Bukola Kolawole - 2019-10-12 10:12:49 Quote

  • The write up article is really interesting and helpful in considering accommodation thinking about the present climate condition you have to also consider place that won't be affect with flood most area in this country is affected by flood 

    - Oretan Ayomipo Micheal - 2019-10-12 19:52:18 Quote

  • Honestly you have said so many important factors but security matters alot,before getting a house be sure the security of that area is guaranteed as you will be raising your children there as well. Also consider availability of social amenities too.

    - Adeshina Adewale - 2019-10-12 20:36:03 Quote

  • You consider the location whether it will favour you when leaving for work in the day,and you should know also checkthe environment whether it would benefit to your children if u have one. 

    - Emediong akpan - 2019-10-13 00:36:48 Quote

  • I have gotten a room before that the water system was not functioning well, some parts were leaking and I didn't know. I was in a hurry to get a new place so I didn't really check. I liked the environment and the space. So I moved my things in only to come back after 2 weeks after, every was flooded, my mattress was soaked, everywhere in the room was stinking. I had to call them immediately to come fix it. Double wahala. 

    - Ololade Adeigbe - 2019-10-13 15:08:10 Quote

  • You said it all but one should also consider the electricity supply and how it is near to market and make sure you find out that the land isn't sold for so many other people too

    - Oloyede Ireoluwa - 2019-10-13 17:18:34 Quote

  • You're very right and I totally agree. In my case, I lack one or two things amongst those factors listed above. I've bn swimming to my apartment for weeks now simply because the road is'nt tiled, no channel. The street is just a swamp even most times we do have difficulty with light 

    - Sulaimon Olanrewaju - 2019-10-13 19:30:42 Quote

  • In addition to your points , good security must be the first thing an individual should put into consideration before choosing a home . Lack of security could be a nonentity faculty to his family 

    - Sodiq Onikoyi Omobolaji - 2019-10-14 15:39:41 Quote

  • I think there are other factors to consider, especially in Nigeria. It is good to find out if there are security issues in the area where you want to build the house. Also, it is advisable to find out the frequency of electricity in the area. That is, find out how often NEPA brings and keeps the electricity. 

    - Tracy Apia - 2019-10-15 11:13:14 Quote

  • We should also endeavor to find a house in a good environment. Which has ready access to steady water and electricity supply. The environment should be a residential area and should be well secured. Locating houses know industrial areas can be detrimental to one's health as the area is usually polluted in different ways. Again,  checking the topography of the area before locating a house there is very important.  Do not locate houses in areas with weak soil or hilly areas which are most times prone to eartquakes. Also don't locate houses near large water bodies or dams as there might be an incidence if flooding which can affect nearby residents

    - Daniel David - 2019-10-21 08:21:08 Quote

  • There are so many factors to be considered before getting a house, like the distance of your house to your work place, your church and a market place, it should not be too far. Also you should bring your new neighbors into consideration, your house should be located in a calm neighborhood with less violence.

    - Andrew Awunor - 2019-11-04 08:57:50 Quote

  • You listed quite good points,  but there are other very important factors too,  location is very important, you need to practically allign it to the kind of environment you would love to stay over time, its accessibility, its preference to your work station and so on. Also is security, this is very key as you plan to stay in that particular location for the next 365 days so that should be a number check list. 

    - Toluwanimi Makinde - 2019-11-25 10:50:31 Quote

  • As we know, having a house is not easy, these aforementioned factors are OK, but there's an additional features to consider 

    the location of the house

    The types of people in the neighborhood 

    The kind of person the former owner is and his or her reputation. 

    Extra room or guest room is also useful if present or better still a boy's quarter be built at the corner of the house. 

    - Adams Muhammed Jamiu - 2019-12-26 00:02:00 Quote

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