Fast Paying Job Outside Nigeria People Neglect

There are many jobs people do in Nigeria that are regarded  as the lame or unfortunate ones in the society, and people doing this types of jobs are sometimes shy about disclosing the identity of their work, while this same job fetch thousands of dollars outside the shores of Nigeria in countries like USA, Canada, Australia and so on.

 Without further ado, I'd list some of the jobs and approximately how much they fetch.

  1. Plumbing: plumbing is one hard job to be sincere, but being a plumber outside Nigeria could fetch you up to $57,070 per year averagely and could increase.
  2. Electrcian: we should give respect to these guys, I mean imaging working with wires in the roof (I once saw an electrician who got electricuted while working, nothing harmful happened tho), but look at how much they earn compared to how much they'd earn on average year which could be up to $57,910.
  3. Carpenter: Looking at the creativity that runs through these guys head and compared to how much they are been paid for it here in Nigeria, a carpenter in the USA is a rich man here in Nigeria as he earns around $49,630 yearly on average.
  4. Construction Workers ( bricklayers): This guys do lots of jobs just to fend for their self and their family and working in the USA can earn them up to $38,830 yearly still on average.
  5. Security Guard: They make a sum in the USA compared to what they earn here and how they are treated here in Nigeria, they make a sum of $26,900 which is median salary.

These are few I can mention, you can add whichever I might have omitted.

looking at this list tell me why Nigerians will not strife to move abroad.

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  • Well, it is true. One of the reason is because literacy level is high in those countries, no educated person will want to do these menial jobs and so, these jobs are demanding. Unlike, Nigeria where majority of the population is involved in this jobs, the pay will not be high. 

    - Oluwaseun Gbadebo - 2019-12-27 14:50:26 Quote

  • The market abroad pays well over ours because Nigeria has lots of hand skilled person to serve a very little market. This small market size is here due to the high poverty rate, you as a skilled person will try to accept what you are given cause if otherwise another skilled person is ready to accept that which you want to reject.

    - Joshua Panam - 2020-01-13 00:44:31 Quote

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