First Trimester Of A Pregnant Woman - My Experience!

If you ever think going through pregnancy stage is a joke, I bet you will have a rethink after reading this.

I got married not quite long and God answered our prayer and my wife became pregnant about a month later. At first when she hasn't noticed that she was pregnant (even when she is), she behaves and act normally, but ever since she got the confirmation that she is pregnant, everything about her changed.
She becomes frequently weak, she has no appetite for food, she feels pain so easily, her emotional state changes and she vomits a lot.

My main concern is all about the food.

She doesn't eat good food anymore, she often vomit the little good food she manage to eat. In the morning, the sound of her vomitting wakes me up daily as early as 5am. She doesn't eat at home again because she's not okay with the smell/odour of the food. She go out to buy moi-moi and solid pap with Lucozade Boast in the morning, all types of fruits in the afternoon, Pepsi with biscuits in the evening, Suya and Lucozade Boast in the night.

Believe me, as a man, I was frustrated with all this spendings I was making each day but what can I do? It's still my baby she's carrying.

God bless all the mothers out there.

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  • Yes it happens like that just try and accommodate her like that it's not easy.attimes she wil be harsh and her behavior might annoy you but just Know it's not her fault it's what she's going through

    - Oloyede olamilekan Michael - 2019-10-08 11:22:32 Quote

  • That's just how it is, a woman requires the a lot of care at that period of pregnancy because a lot happens during these first three months called the first trimester. The fertilised egg rapidly divides into layers of cells and implants in the wall of your womb where it carries on growing. These layers of cells become an embryo which is the baby, the woman's body at this point is trying to adapt to the new life form developing inside her, so, the changes and signs manifest.

    - Essien-Ubong Essien - 2019-10-08 18:13:24 Quote

  • Mothers are very important when it comes to carrying babies. But some women experience are boring. They will ask you to cook this, after cooking, they will say not that one, they will still ask you to cook another and yet reject it again.

    - Sule Abdul - 2019-10-08 18:53:57 Quote

  • as the African adage says when a woman is pregnant she's not the only one pregnant the husband is also indirectly pregnant that's of course if she has a husband because a lot of times it's the man that helps in time of needs and provide a woman's help during the time of pregnancy so pregnancy is not an easy stage to come buy and also pass through

    - Joseph Lawrence - 2019-10-08 19:21:34 Quote

  • Shout out to all mothers. They really go through a lot during pregnancy and one thing I notice is that pregnancy is different. Your first pregnancy can be different from your second pregnancy. Some pregnant women hate the smell of perfume, some spit every where, some vomit, some will not be able to eat the food they prepare and different symptoms.

    - Teniayo Awosikunde - 2019-10-08 20:45:13 Quote

  • You have to be calm with your wife.... She's still at the early stage of her pregnancy and that's why she's having those signs and symptoms...true you will be frustrated and tired bit it's worth it. Take care of her well 

    - Falana Ayomiposi - 2019-10-08 21:08:38 Quote

  • Yeah that how it is.. You will spend every day.. Buy this buy that.. But it will not go in vain.  Because she is carrying your child... That life for us brother.. That why we need to hustle hard so that we will not lack things in our marriage life 

    - Morrison Preye - 2019-10-08 21:33:10 Quote

  • Yeah before a man get married he will make sure that he has a well doing business or job to avoid predicament in his marriage and also to take good care of his wife

    - Apeh Timothy - 2019-10-09 20:22:14 Quote

  • It's actually not a funny situation. I really pity the pregnant women. They are going through a lot.  Big ups to them. Besides having appetite for different kind of food, they have mood swings and experience various levels of discomforts. Respect to all mothers.

    - Tolulope Abiodun - 2019-10-10 11:03:44 Quote

  • Pregnant woman are kinfld of funny,she was eating fine fine even before she realized she was pregnant, although she ia, but when it was discoverd that truly she was pregnant she started acting somehow...well am still a kid I don't even understand the phenomenon of having a pregnant woman at one talk less of taking careel of one

    - Samuel Augustine - 2019-10-11 15:39:41 Quote

  • Pregnancy stage for women is a different stage of life for women cos they can sometime act awkward for no reason. They will lost appetite for some food for no reason so I will advise every men that have wife in pregnant condition should always be ready to tolerate any attitude from her and also show her real true caring cos woman in pregnancy are fragile in state of condition and need caring to be pamper 

    - Oretan Ayomipo Micheal - 2019-10-12 23:07:50 Quote

  • That the thing with pregnant women the eat alot and their character change somehow . I could remember in my skul days any teacher that is pregnant will be very wicked

    - Onyedikachi Kizito - 2019-10-13 10:17:25 Quote

    • Don't be frustrated, you should be happy she can even eat something. Some women may not be able to retain food or fluids without being given injections and drips. For most women the issue comes to an end by 12 to 16 weeks at the end of the first trimester. So support her as much as you can, trust me she's not enjoying herself , vomiting continuously isn't an enjoyable experience .

    - Georgia Gboyega - 2019-10-13 15:57:38 Quote

  • Be patient and take care!

    All will turn out fine I promise you. Its not so easy with all the behaviour and spending but it will be worth while once she put to bed. 

    - Uche Onyinye - 2019-10-13 16:29:01 Quote

  • My brother nothing comes easy so you just have to endure it for a little while am sure before the pregnancy gets to 6months she will start eating well and all the vomiting will stop so just endure

    - Adedamola Asa - 2019-10-13 19:05:13 Quote

  • Pregnancy is not a joke and every pregnant woman pass through that stage. However, every one of them have different response to the changes going in their body. You have to be patient with your wife since that stage is transient. A more stable stage will soon arrive.

    - Ikemefuna Chukwuenyem - 2019-10-14 14:14:18 Quote

  • Don't worry just give it a few weeks it will reduce (the vomiting) , and please try to bear with her and listen to her too , I remember when I was in secondary school whenever my English teacher is pregnant  she gets very cranky and punishes us sometimes she even cries , so my brother it's normal just bear with her and be supportive.

    - Sharon Timehin - 2019-10-15 04:29:04 Quote

  • It is something natural for pregnant Ladies to experience all these symptoms and I really respect all pregnant women because it is really not easy passing through the pains and all that. So, it is our duty as the Man to be supportive to the Lady when she is pregnant. It is not too much to ask from us ain't it? I will advice any man reading this to be supportive to your lady when she passes through pregnancy, because it is a tough time for the lady.

    - Osita Olisa - 2019-10-15 12:36:46 Quote

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