Five (5) Ways On How To Get Along With The People You Work With

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1. Be Nice: Alot of people are wearing 'MASK', this mask covers alot of tears, sorrows,torment,hardship & eventually suffering. Trust me you have no idea what people are going through in this life. So be nice to the people you work with, it will just stare up everything smoothly for everyone &4 most especially the work.

2. Understanding: Sometimes have you ever wondered why people behave or act in a weird or funny way/manner? Well, don't just be judgemental on them immediately, because alot of people were not raised with a 'LOVING MANNER', probably they must have been raised on 'SURVIVAL'. so it wouldn't be a bad idea if you try to find out things about that person, so as to know how to work with that person in such a way you both can get along. 

3. Language: If you probably have someone that you work with & observe that person is not really good in English Speaking, but can actually speak any of the Africa Language, if you too can speak,please flow with them or if you can't speak look for someone who can speak that language so communication won't be difficult.

4. Behaviour: Don't use harsh tone and insults on the people you work with. You need to understand that no one is perfect in this life. Even the 'Greatest and Successful People' made series of mistakes before they got look ithe 'TOP'. So instead of insults, correct them in a loving manner. 

5. Concern: Sometimes show concern to the people you work with, to get to know what's going on in their life, if it's financial assistance they need and you are in position to help, please help and sometimes you can joke with them in other to make them laugh, but that doesn't mean you should lose your value and respect completely.

Five (5) Ways On How To Get Along With The People You Work With - By MACAULAY ELOM - 2019-11-02 09:02:50

The reality is most people are tensed in the Nigeria work place, exspecially the hectic traffic of Lagos, so you will not blame them for not being the jolly-good-fellow. but this idea will mean you going the extra mile to create a memorable work environment and to reduce the stress of your co-workers