Gender Equality; Given Attention To Or Neglect?

One of the emerging issues is Gender equality.
Actually this topic has been discussed on almost social media I know.
But if we are to look at it critically.
Many women have been abused just because the society believes that women should serve the men.
But in actual fact, I think while considering gender equality in the society, we should also discussed about the family too. As a woman, due to religious beliefs you ought to respect your husband, sometimes not really because of your husband to be happy but in order to lay a good example for the children watching both parties(the couple) as an example of life.

The children learn from the mother; respect, which means they bear in mind that whoever that has been made over you as a leader ought to be given respect, honour and courtesy which is examples of social norms and values of a progressive society/nation.

From the husband/father, the children learn; good leadership skills, love and the triplets(knowledge, wisdom and understanding, which in turn will make them to think critically in the future when they are grown ups to decide what is right for their lifea, and also enables them to look out for solution to their individual problems/challenges as they grow up.
I think that's one of the main reason why the religious books; Bible and others made the man, the head.

Now we've talked about the family, back to the society as a whole, you met a man, who is not your husband but is trying to prove gender superiority than you.

You decided to fight back, then the society tags you "irresponsible house wife fighting a man", you felt like they didn't even allow you to say your own part of the story but you decided to move on, and also protesting against gender equality.

But while moving on and while thinking on protesting, do you actually know within yourself that you still have to show your husband his respect, do you make sure that your protest doesn't affect your family standard in any way?

Let's hear your view about gender equality and where you think it is applicable, be it Family, General Society or even both.

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  • Actually, for sometime now, gender equality had been one of the leading causes of several debates, talks and raised opinions on social media, the society and even some families. One fact is this; that gender equality is being increasingly brought up doesn't mean that women are going to surpass the level of superiority over men in the sight of the creator, as some men wrongly think. It just attempts to correct some unjust practices in our society, especially the typical African society. 

    Imagine a man who dies leaving behind 5 daughters only for the grand uncles to come and take over all the properties in the name of "he didn't have a son". It's really unjust. 

    What I'm saying in essence is that certain things should be done in certain ways so as to suit a female and a male human alike! 

    - Nyah Gabriel - 2019-11-20 13:25:48 Quote

  • Gender equality has been a topic for discussion in the social media and the international community. The men are said to be attached with so many importance while the women are being marginalized. The women are not in anyway share equal right with the men in most countries all over the world.

    - Abra Jones - 2019-11-20 13:55:44 Quote

  • Gender equality should be applicable to the family, I always tell my fellow women that if you can't submit to a man, you don't need to marry. For marriage to work, I mean to have a happy home, women need to submit to their husbands. Then to our society women should be given the same right as men, women should be allowed to contest for any governmental position in our society.

    - Comfort Ogbuji - 2019-11-20 14:09:09 Quote

  • Gender inequality has been one of the most pressing issues discussed on the internet and also in the society nowadays and it is so because people are now actually getting civilized and our mindset and mentality is now broadened than before. Most people especially the females fight for it a lot and I think the society is already yielding 

    - Ayomide Ayoade - 2019-11-20 18:05:30 Quote

  • Gender equality should be applicable in both the family and society. In terms of the family it is mostly about a male child being preferred over a female child and it's not fair at all even in terms of properties. In terms of society it's very rare to see a top female leader in the government like Governor, President even Vice President mostly in Nigeria and it doesn't balance the equation in the government. Women should be allowed to partake in what ever a man is allowed to partake in because we are all equal in the eyes of God.

    - Obi Chdubem Emmanuel - 2019-11-20 23:54:17 Quote

  • Gender equality is important everywhere and is among the fundamentals human right.... Is common among citizens of same race and it should be taken serious anywhere but most people doesn't like it and they really talked about age or race they judge themselves with age and forget about gender equality but is really important to us 

    - Tabiti David - 2019-11-21 02:35:07 Quote

  • For there to be an equal right in gender differenciation in our society today..

    Our view have to be changed from the part that only men should rule..

    This have been proven right that incases where the mother take cares of the family alone. The is bigger proportion that the children grows up useful than that of the father's, I am a victim of one sided parenting (my mother).

    Not to oppress any body but the only way our society can move is when our women are allowed to make decision that can change the society as a whole.

    - Yusuf Habib - 2019-11-22 22:21:49 Quote

  • To speak the truth this inequality will be difficult to remove from us AFRICANS. 

    I stand to say that it has eaten deep into us. If one look at it deeply you will see that in one way or the other we are all part of this gender inequality. 

    But we need to see each one as equal be male or female.  We are all humans and from the same parents.  As such I see no reason to rate a gender higher than the other.  

    But anyway it's my taughts.

    - Evidence Naldo - 2019-11-23 16:34:08 Quote

  •  I stand to say that it has eaten deep into us. If one look at it deeply you will see that in one way or the other we are all part of this gender inequality. But we need to see each one as equal be male or female.  We are all humans and from the same parents.  As such I see no reason to rate a gender higher than the other.

    - Adedayo Oluwarotimi - 2019-12-06 11:40:15 Quote

  • Gender inequality will always exist as long as a particular gender is expected to perform better. For example, people look up to a particular gender when it comes to some certain things and also both genders were not created the same i.e one gender was created from the other. So my point is gender equality can never be achieved.

    - chukwuebuka okeke - 2019-12-06 20:44:44 Quote

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