Good Study Habits To Improve Excellent Academic Performance

Some students dislike studying because they do not know how to do it in order to comprehend. Hence, there is need to help them. One of the important task of parent and teachers to students is to help them to develop a method of studying; in doing that, a parent/teacher should  be kin to knowing the students and his/her abilities to be able to guide him/her arigh. 

The following can help you develope a good study habit to improve your academic performance as a student. 

1. CREAT A STUDY TIME: This means you should have a specific time to read/study and be devoted about it. Tell yourself I want to read for so so hours and be committed to it. 

2. STUDY ENVIRONMENT: No every place is conductive for reading/studying. In choosing a study environment, consider the following: the environment should be quite, with good chairs and tables (for a good posture, as posture affects your study time and assimilation rate), 

3. CONCENTRATION: Get rid of all possible distractions, greetings from passerby, phones, exciting views, anything at all that takes your mind off what you are studing. 

4. STUDY TECHNIQUES: make use of the good reading skills of skemming, scaning and indepth reading. The 8 study techniques of Preview, Questioning, Read, Recite, Write, Review, Reflect and Recall, will do a great deal in studying. 

5. MEMORY IMPROVEMENT: Train your mind on perfect recallation of what you have read, in writing it down elsewhere, setting possible questions and answering them.

6. SHARE YOUR KNOWLEDGE: Get a group of friends and teach them. this gives you the opportunity to recite what you have learn and consequently rettain it better. 

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  • These are indeed beautiful habit to improve your reading habbit.

    I have tried them all and it worked for me perfectly.

    But if I will add to it ,I will say that having a study group is also inpoimport

    Most times I might not want to read but once my study group arrives,you have no choice than to join them.

    So pls let's all have a study group

    - Blessing Igwe - 2020-01-04 14:13:44 Quote

  • Yes,  these are good points which can help someone to improve in his or her Academy Performance..  And I support Concentration, we should try to avoid been distracted by anything.  Even when someone is involving in group reading and there is nothing like concentration,  one could end up achieving nothing at the end of the day.. 

    - Oladejo Roqeeb - 2020-01-05 13:58:36 Quote

  • In addition to the above point, I tried them and it worked for me use of acronyms, use the words to form a song,having a mentor and if there is a particular subject that one is finding difficult firstly develop interest then read it every day that was my secret to conquering physics

    - Ngozi Nduba - 2020-01-10 12:22:15 Quote

  • Adding to that, there's something about being deliberate. When one is not deliberate about studying, the plan/intention to study will linger on without it being achieved. For the one that does not find interest in reading, the only way to start studying is by studying. Make a choice of studying even when you don't feel like.

    - Onome Favour - 2020-01-13 09:31:08 Quote

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