Government Universities Admission System Is A Sham

Today,  many of our graduates have degree they never dreamt of having, they carry a certificate they never wanted, most of them had their dreams shattered when they saw their admission letter but due to societal pressure they decided to proceed with what was written in the letter offered to them. 

Nigerian universities, majorly government (federal and state)  owned university have killed most of our children's hope of becoming or studying what they really wanted, just by offering them a course that are far from what they planned to study. 

Let's take a case study of unilorin, many young chaps applied for different courses and instead of the University to not render them admission maybe due to low mark scored or some internal politics,  they would rather offered them some courses that are not useful to them or the country in actual sense. Why can't we emulate the western world,  if you apply for a course and u merit the course you would b offered admission and if you don't they will write you and tell you that u are not the kinn of material they wanted in their school. Here in Nigeria candidates who wants to study computer science might b given economics education, someone who applied to study medicine would be offered admission into agriculture extension , my God does any of these make sense?!!

I just want to ask you guys if u see any reason or point in this system and position these universities are putting  our ward through is worth it or should it be revised and be rewritten? 

Please feel free to add your comments. 

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  • Truely this a disturbing act that not just the government owned schools but also state schools do all in the name of getting the students to pay tuition fees for their own selfish reasons . Another problem is the society and critics pressuring students to go to school even if it means studying fishery even though it's not their choice and they graduate with something they didn't want.. Too bad

    - Chimaobi Onyegbuna - 2019-10-28 18:23:05 Quote

  • This worrisome situation as it is should be reviewed and revised by the ministry of education. Nobody wants to do course they don't like. I can imagine the stress some people will be going through having to study course they don't like or have no knowledge about. Also I have seen people who were given couse they don't like but end up enjoying it anyway. The situation is a case of different strokes for different folks

    - Ogunrewo Kenny - 2019-10-29 03:05:47 Quote

  • If the government can't control this then we should control this ourselves, when you are been given admission you don't desire turn it down, but the bitter truth is that I most cases the course they give you may suit you in the future.

    - Lakesyde Themy - 2019-10-29 17:52:25 Quote

  • Many youth accept the admission despite meeting the school standard yet given the wrong course, cause they don't want to feel depressed or tired of many years of actually staying at home, pressure from parents too

    - Beyioku Folashade - 2019-10-30 04:21:54 Quote

  • This is very true. The system and administration of the university is really a shame. It has just done more harm than good to students and still leaving them shattered in their dreams. Government should address this for  a better development and improvement of the education system 

    - Tovia Muojiokwu - 2019-10-30 18:43:46 Quote

  • It's not really nice seeing some students staying 4years and above at home not because they failed but because they were given what they didn't put in for,I think our government should please do something about it

    - Ajayi Bolanle Oluwasola - 2019-10-31 12:07:28 Quote

  • To my own opinion on this issue I think the government are actually trying to help the youth with that ,come to think of it a person applied for engineering and has low merit if the government didn't bring up the idea of given the youth another course if they didn't meet up with the aggregate score you know the person won't be given admission and then  the person would have to stay home for a year so I think the idea of giving the youth another course if they didn't meet up with the aggregate score is good .

    - Ajoke Khadijat Oloko - 2019-10-31 14:14:00 Quote

  • The education sector of the country is in a bad state due to lack of commitment of the government to do the needful things, about the admission processing everybody has to be blame if you are be offered a course which you dont like you have the right to decline such admission but due to the fact that some wants to enter into the university they will just have to accept such admission. 

    - Alamu Olayinka Abass - 2019-10-31 14:42:11 Quote

  • Every country, state has its laws, so is schools too. Everybody want to go to school as fast as possible because of the experience and age limits tagged by the employers. But still is a matter of choice if they offer you what you don't like reject it and seat again simple..

    - Sanusi Dayo - 2019-11-01 10:56:44 Quote

  • The disheartening part of it is the fact that students with good results still have to compete with wealthy students who come to buy their results. Most of the students who merit these admissions can't even afford the fees

    - Justina Ikedinma - 2019-11-01 11:16:04 Quote

  • The state of things in the country is so bad and the education system is not far from being the same this system of admission is also in need of repair as with the country's political system but as it seems we can't help it but our leaders can do something about it but the problem is that nothing is being done about it so we have to play along for a while , this admission system should be changed if those who gain from it are willing

    - Emmanuel anozie - 2019-11-03 12:19:10 Quote

  • This is accurate. This is a major problem many  undergraduates are facing in our country Nigeria. Government universities tend to be bias in their method of giving admission to students. This is due to the admission process and this makes people end up were they are not suppose and study otherwise. This makes the future of the undergraduates not to be in their hands.

    - Imoh Solomon - 2019-11-04 08:30:15 Quote

  • I think the issue of admission into Nigerian universities is one of the biggest sham in our history as a nation. If we as a people wants to see real and tangible economic development we better look in that direction,it's even more disturbing when you are not given admission because you didn't score well enough in someone's else's language called ENGLISH.

    - Destiny Ehidiamhe - 2019-11-07 16:47:34 Quote

  • Well, I guess these people are higher powers and we can't do anything until we get hold of power! 

    But we all should buckle up. We should study hard, really hard! Study hard so we get whatever course we really desire. And also study hard while we are in school so we graduate with good grades! Then we be able to get to these higher powers and get to change the system!

    - Akinwale Stephen - 2019-11-10 07:09:57 Quote

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