Guard Dogs Or Security Personnel? Which Would You Prefer In Guarding Your House?

Security exists in every level as far as safety is concerned. Every house, shop, bank, hospital, school, church or mosque, companies need security and there are many ways people employ good security measures to protect their home and property against intruders. There is an adage that says that "the flood's intention to drown the house and carry it away but it is duty of the owner of the house that must make sure the flood does not succeed". It is safe and agreeable to say that, in the time past, all we ever did was try to catch thieves, punish them but did it really work? Has the number reduced ever since then? No! It is no longer chasing the thief, but defending your own home from the robber.

The main aim of this article is to discuss the topic; which do people prefer? Is it having dogs as their security guard or having a human being around to protect them and their property.

To arrive at a suitable conclusion, I am of the opinion that dogs are better at security than a human being will ever be and I'm juxtaposing, I will drop advantages and chip in the disadvantages of the other part.

1. Keeping a security dog is not as expensive hiring a security personnel to stay in the house
When you have a dog that guards your house, the only constant thing that makes you ever dip your hand into your wallet is feeding the dog. You don't have to buy ammunition for him, you dont need to repair his gun whatsoever. Can we say the same about humans? You must pay his salary every month, give him a house, feed him three times everyday too. This is entirely another level of economy on it's own; adding a whole new person to your financial budget can be very frustrating especially when things are somehow.
Besides, your dog will adapt to any new change in situation very quickly without giving you much problem. You don't have to go through the stress of building a whole house for your dog, furnishing it with fancy stuff, no, your dog doesn't Care about all of that.

2. Loyalty
When it comes to loyalty, a dog's love and loyalty for it's owner can not be overlooked and neither is it unmatched by any kind of love ( except the love of God )  A dog will die for it's owner, lay down his life whole protecting his owner and his property, a dog will do anything it takes to take down an intruder. Can we really say the same for human beings too? The truth of the matter is actually the fact that we are "humans" not "animals", Who would not bail or flee when it comes to life and death? Who would not fight for his own life? Who would not want to save his skin? Who would not want to keep his head steady in his neck? This is what everyone would say but at what cost? At the cost of the life of your master? That is not loyalty as expected from someone who calls himself a security agent. We have seen cases where a dog was stabbed 13 times while trying to save his owner's wallet. There was a dog that was shot 3 times too in the fight if saving his owner's daughter from a rapist.

3. Professionalism in the field
when you walk into a GRA (government reserved area), most so called security men are people from the north who do not have any basic training about security, they have not undergone any training on how to watch over a house, fight off an intruder, counter threat, what to do in a pressure situation, what to do in a hostile situation. They are initially and originally employed to open and close the gate and indirectly asked to watch over the compound at night too, but is that their job? Do they know how to do it? Can they really do it? It is in cases like this that you wonder where your guard was when armed robbers raid your house, it is in cases like this that you wonder where your hairs were when thieves were carting away your valuable property.
What actually happened is that they bailed! they ran away! It is not their job.

A dog requires little or no training at all to make him protect you and your home, but there is however, something you can do, that is love your dog. When you show love to your dog, you are indirectly telling your dog that he is important to you and the dog will automatically love you and will always want to please you. A dog that is not treated well will not protect its owner.


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  • I live dogs personally but I see no reason why I can't use both the guard dogs and security personnel to guard my compound 

    If I have to pick though I'd prefer the guard Dogs ...I've heard of cases when the security personnel planned with criminals to rob the house so to avoid any regrets I'd prefer a guard dogs ...they remain mans loyal best friend

    - Bello Daniel - 2020-01-20 20:27:00 Quote

  • Dog can never replace a man's security job because it does not have the sense of judgement only to back and raise alarm. Secondly security job is not only keeping watch against thieves but other house hold monitoring. A human security can help in emergency situations but dogs are like dumb idols. 

    - Chima Ogbonnaya - 2020-01-20 22:58:09 Quote

  • I personally will go for the security personnel because he is trained, and above all smarter than a dog could ever be. There have been cases where guard dogs turn on their owners and attack them and some of these encounters were fatal. Although dogs are more sensitive and alert but I will take my chances with a security personnel 

    - Osaze Jeffery - 2020-01-21 22:23:54 Quote

  • I prefer a security personnel to a dog.

    The only thing a dog does is bark at strange faces and raise alarm.

    Besides these dogs can be very risky.

    I've heard of dogs attacking their owners or owners children.

    And also dogs are chained to a spot,what if there is an emergency,will the dog call to raise an alarm,the answer is no.

    So I think a sensible trained security personnel is better than a mere dog

    - Blessing Igwe - 2020-01-22 22:01:55 Quote

  • Depending on the kind of training which is giving to the guard dog it can perform all the qualities of the security guard thou they are animals but they do have brains and they have emotions too dogs do not sleep at night but the security guard takes turns before he sleeps so i prefer the guard dog to security guard

    - Zaiki Daniel - 2020-01-25 19:58:37 Quote

  • Well I think the dog is preferable to the security personnel.   this days humans can't  be trusted... The security personnel can be a Wolf in sheep's clothing  he could betray the owner by conspiring with others to harm or steal from the owner.... Unlike dogs they are programmed to bark at any slight  sense of danger....  Although  the security personnel has alot more advantages than the dog  but the dog can be trusted than the personnel.. 

    - Ajayi Emmanuel - 2020-02-12 13:37:33 Quote

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