Headies 2019 The Degradation And Loss Of Value For The Nigerians Fans

So here I was watching the much acclaimed Headies for 2019 and with the theme, power of a dream. I was really expecting to see much ofj these artists if not all atleast, showing what it meant to dream and go on to achieve your dreams, but o was I disappointment. I am even writing this right now even before the end of the show, but would be posting after the show, hopefully I get to be impressed a bit before the end.

With every award, I just keep getting disappointed. Every major artist seems not to see the value in this award no more or even in what the fans may think. The whole atmosphere was just dull and it felt like even the fans present in the house were just as disappointed and unimpressed. 

The Nigerian music industry has sure experienced an awesome year of music and entertainment. The artists have gone hard to give the fans good music and entertainment. But then it seems like the so-called big artists are tired of the Nigerian fans and could care less what they think or maybe they are stepping back and trying to give room for a new generation of musicians and entertainers. I have come to notice that as much as technology, modernity and continuous so-called civilization is Changing the way music and entertainment is given out and perceived, I can't help but say the Nigerian fans are settling for way less than they deserve from entertainers.

I can clearly say that what I enjoyed most about the Headies 2019 show, is the story so far and the journey down to 2019. I could not help but reminisce the good old days, the passion and love these artists showed towards the fans and how much the fans were valued and appreciated. This year's unfortunately was not it at all and I can't help but ascertain that Nigerian fans just love being used by these artists on their journey towards fame and fortune. Not to paint them all bad though, but majority of Nigerian artists especially the so-called big shots, those who have so many times tasted the lime light no longer respect and values the fans. I believe it's time for the new generation of entertainment to rise up but not just that alone, the fans too should also arise and demand more from these artists. Let them make artists realize that they the fans make entertainment alive and worth. I mean without the fans who are you going to entertain then.

To cut the long story short, unfortunately I was unable to even complete the show, well you know, our dearly beloved NEPA as we have come to know them as decided to act. But however I believe I have seen enough from the show and this my write up would surely stand. Tell me, what do think about the Nigerian music industry, the artists and how the fans are treated. Are they being valued enough, share your thoughts and let's get the conversation going. On second thoughts though, maybe, just maybe it is the Headies that has lost its value and no longer being respected by artists. What do you think.

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  • I was actually really disappointed in this year's headies awards. The hosts were boring, and most artistes were not available. Total disregard. Wizkid did not try in what he did by taking artistes out of nigeria for a show on the day of the award.

    - Timothy Abe - 2019-10-20 19:27:04 Quote

  • I honestly feel for most award shows, this is how it ends up being. Artists that have talent are often overlooked to fan favourites. And sometimes being a fan favourite doesn't necessarily mean you have quality content. It just means your content appeals to a wider audience. Which in the end is what everyone wants for themselves. For the world to recognize your voice. It ends up being unfair but it's all in good faith right. 

    - Chibogu Chikwado - 2019-10-21 00:27:56 Quote

  • Its quite unfortunate that we are in this kind of mess as a nation. Nothing seems to be working anymore,everything has practically lost value as it stands now. I just hope things begin to get better.

    The Headies is going down yearly, the organizers should go back to the drawing board. Our artists as well should help us out by valuing it.

    - Emmy Rex - 2019-10-21 00:56:11 Quote

  • I was very disappointed in this year headies award for rema getting the next rated ..I think it has become a joke actually..and  people no longer really watch it anymore ..I think it's a cheating for zlatan not to be the next rated.and zlatan performance was way better than rema's..even if it was rated according to fans or vote zlatan still has the upper hand

    - Olanrewaju Olatunde - 2019-11-22 13:33:25 Quote

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