How Dangerous Electricity Can Be

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As much as electricity can be a life saver or a life changing element, it can also be a dangerous element in a twinkling of an eye if things go wrong. We can not deny the reality of what would happen if electricity stopped working for an hour all over the world; lives would be lost, major machines would stop working, but have you ever thought of what would happen if electricity is not properly handled?

Let me share with you a story of what happened many years ago that has made me become kind of scared whenever I see workings of electrical wires in one place.

It was in the year 2005, January, and my parents and I just returned from a cross over service as we welcomed the new year. My younger sisters had fallen asleep already while in the car so once we reached home, I woke them and they strutted into their rooms. I was going to sleep too but my mum told me she was hungry and she wanted me to make noodles for her. At first, I was going to pretend like I didn't hear what she said but I thought I could make some for myself too and luckily for me there was light that day so I answered her and dashed to the kitchen.
I got the pot, poured water into it and then I switched on the electric cooker. After about 3 minutes, when I was sure the water was hard boiled, I got the noodles, emptied it into the pot and the seasonings and then I covered the pot and returned to the sitting room.

I had calculated the time by which the noodles would have been cooked, so I decided to turn on the TV while I waited.

After about four minutes, I stood up and went to the kitchen, on getting there, I discovered that the noodles had welled up causing water to spill over all the pot and the electrical cooker so I rushed to open the lid but I was stunned when electricity charge surged into my body causing me to fall to the ground. Quickly, I stood up and saw that the noodle had welled up more but just I was about to go switch off the socket, the water spilled unto the naked wire of the electric cooker causing a spark and then a loud noise, followed by a total blackout in our house. My heart was beating rapidly and I could hear my parents yelling my name from upstairs. I was still dazed but I got up when I began to perceive smoke from the sitting room; the main switch box in the hallway had blown up( the noise came from the bang) and it had begun to burn.

Before I could say jack, the curtains had raged up in a kind of fire I have never seen before, the fire had spread to the wooden staircase that led upstairs. Out of panic, I didn't know what to do so I began to scream. My scream and the smoke must have woken up everyone in the house. My dad grabbed me and put all of us outside, but by then, the fire had touched every part of the house and burnt it greatly. Our compound was crowded already, many people were making calls, some were calling to God until the fire service arrived, they tried their best but it was as if they were fueling the fire more and more.

It got worse when there was another spark from the electricity pole and the fire began to burn on the pole too. It was revealed that the water used by the fire service triggered the spark.
Even though this experience was many years ago, it still haunts me till today, to the extent that I was almost in the verse of banning anything electric in my house.
Have you had such an experience before?