How Do Mad Women Get Pregnant?

We all see mad people in the streets getting pregnant but never thought for a day that "how do these people get pregnant?" Every mad woman in the street was once that beautiful lady with a dream goal, but was altered my some mental disorder and sometimes spiritual. Many people believe mad people are no more human but I tell you they carry what every human out there carries in the body,  the organs,  tissues and a complete system.

Now, come to think of it a mad woman can't get pregnant by accident,  a healthy man must have done something maybe in the night or let's say in the night because such can't be done in the day time. When people see a pregnant mad woman their first conclusion is that it's the work of the hoodlums.

Do you think that's true? 

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  • You are very right my dear, the mad women on the streets are human beings like us. Every organs within them functions perfectly. They see their period and ovulation normal like we do. Being pregnant by them is the work of seriously minded abled men not only hudlums. Some do it as rituals while some for fun and pleasure.

    - Chinwe Okeke - 2019-11-26 14:46:46 Quote

  • Pregnancy of mad women are getting rampant in our society today and not a strange incident to see a mentally challenged women being put in a family way.A lot of factors are responsible for mad women to get pregnant. Firstly, environmental factor, self interest, ritual purpose and forceful act which can also be inform of rape.The sad news is that all these activities are been carried out by individual who indulge in such act just to meet up with their sacrificial requirements.

    - Obinna Dike - 2019-11-26 14:50:01 Quote

  • Well yes sometimes it might be the hoodlums responsible for the pregnancy but sometimes it might not be them because wel all know the mischievous things happening in our country Nigeria, we all know how people are so desperate to make money and they can do anything just to make that money, so what am trying to say is that most of the pregnant mad women on the street can get pregnant by some ritualists who can only get rich by sleeping with mad women. So mad women get pregnant by both hoodlums and Ritualists. 

    - Emmanuel Williams - 2019-11-27 07:28:02 Quote

  • Most mad women you see on the street pregnant are due to one reason or the other. Firstly, some mad women are already pregnant before they got mad. And secondly some ritualists are sent to sleep with them to impregnate them for them to earn more money in their ocultic kingdom.

    - Umoru Joseph - 2019-12-04 22:44:44 Quote

  • The mad woman on the street is very human and was sane before the mental illness cripped in. Most pregnant mad women on the street may have gotten pregnant through rape(u know walking around insane,one is exposed to all kinds of dangers). 

    Secondly,the ocutic people whose aim is to get rich by all means do sleep with these mad women in order to meet the conditions given to them to get rich .

    - Grace Nyong - 2019-12-07 08:44:19 Quote

  • This is very surprising that mad women are getting pregnant in our society today. Well is not only the hoodlums but also some men who belong to one or two occults and for power, protection, fame, prosperity etc, they therefore sort to sleep with mad women by their kingdoms. This is completely sin in the eyes of the creator. 

    - Emeka Arubalueze - 2019-12-07 16:11:32 Quote

  • Simply because they are mad doesn't mean they can't give birth or get pregnant because all their body parts and systems still function properly aside from their brain. Most of them are impregnated by different kind of people like ritualist,young guys seeking for fame, hot money and so on. While some get impregnated by their husbands some of them might have been pregnant even before they ran mad.I pray we won't be a victim of this. 

    - kofoworola monsurah Taiwo - 2019-12-08 12:18:15 Quote

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