How Gambling Sucks Me Negatively

I was at the age of 20years when I started gambling, I gave more attentions to this because I thought it is the best way of earning income. As time goes on,  I was really addicted to it that if I didn't gamble in a day,  I will feel abnormal because of the situation I found myself. It is difficult for me resist from this situation. My parents observed me deeply what is really going on with my lifestyle but they seems it as a simple matter.

As time goes on,  after I finished from polytechnic, I took gambling as my day to day activities, I started gambling with huge amount of money, the irritating part was that I gambled with my school fees and everything died down, no profit out of the result, I lost the game.

After some months,  I discovered some platforms online,  betting platforms in which one will subscribe before you were given real source of the games. I was really anxious to subscribe into their channel. Unfortunately, I started selling my things,  I sold most of expensive part of my properties which is my laptop, I sold it at cheaper price so that I can meet up with up with the subscription. I subscribe to their channel and after some days I was given a game to bet on, I decided to spent all my last funds on the game thinking it will give me good outcome but unfortunately the game failed. I chatted up with the person that gave me the game, he was giving me series of excuse, he said before the game was given to me it has already been leaked out to unsubscribers so there is tendency the game may fail. I got furious but I still calm myself down,  I asked when will another one comes up, he said I should be patient with him. 

Two days later, I chatted him again about the game he said all the money in his account has been freezes and he is unable to purchase any fixed games,  I felt regrettable, so I decided to leave him for sometime, I hooked up with another person on the same platform. I subscribed to that person,  he gave a forged fixed games. I tried to chat him up he had already blocked me. I went back to the first person, fortunately he said his account was release, immediately I asked for another fixed game, so the furious part was that, he said I am going to subscribe again because he has left the platform where he do send me games and he is in another platform and I need to subscribe and I told him I don't have up to that amount, he said I should pay part of it. I looked for the money by all means,  I borrowed money to subscribe. After the subscription,  he gave me the game I was hoping for but unfortunately for me, I lost my money on the game. I decided to blast the person, he tried to calm me but I still got furious more and more, the next thing I will see was that the person has blocked me. I cried terribly because I ended up with a bad outcome, I wasted my time and money.  My parents always warned me to deactivate the mindset of gambling but I didn't listen because I am so much addicted to it and it will be difficult for me to leave it. So that is how gambling sucks me negatively. 

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  • Gambling never helps anyone and you see it by yourself. This will be a lesson on to others who are also planning to go into gambling. If it pays now it will backfire later. So stay away from it because it's a plague targeting the young minds of the country. 

    - Oluwasegun Ajao - 2019-11-05 09:31:33 Quote

  • Gambling is so cunning in some ways that you will think you're doing the right thing or after playing you keep winning and no loses it draws you nearer and when you're addicted to it and think you will always win, its then gambling will show it self to you that its not everytime you win or rush into playing gamble. Wise up man, gambling is not a good thing you should try and keep off and use your money for good things.

    - Francis Mofunlewi - 2019-11-05 11:25:34 Quote

  • Wow! It is quite unbelievable but its true betting is now the order of the day. It can be termed as the last hope for the common man whereas it is a way which the rich extorts money from the poor. Only prayer can deliver a gambling addict

    - Abraham Ilaboya - 2019-12-02 10:08:40 Quote

  • To me Gambling isn't a good thing, it's something that when you're into it, it will be hard to draw yourself back from it until it ruin person to the end, have lost more than 150k into gambling,  though it's not a day but it's something constant betting for like 4 month that cost me that,so the lesson is that say No to Gambling.

    - Nurudeen Hakeem - 2019-12-03 10:57:50 Quote

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