How I Got Rid Of My Hair Lice Completely

Lice are little animals barely noticeable that live on the scalp and feed on human blood.

When i first discovered i had lice I was feeling cold even when everywhere was hot, that was how disgusted I was. Everyone kept on telling me "the only way to get rid of lice is to cut your hair" and I didn't want to cut my hair so I decided to try a few things I thought might work

1. I relaxed my hair: not a lot of people might want to do this because of the trend of virgin hair reigning now so it's totally optional, but the chemicals in the relaxer helped kill the live lice a little.

2. I applied direct heat using hair dryer while also combing my hair with small comb: nits(lice eggs) can't stay in a temperature that isn't the same as the scalp, therefore direct heat on them killed them while I used the small comb to comb it out. I did this every 3 days for like a week , so that any nit that didn't die and should hatch will be removed too.

3. Last but not least I changed my pillow case and bed sheet everyday. This is because lice can't live outside the scalp for more than one or two days so it's not really necessary to burn all your linens as some people suggested to me.

And remember lice doesn't care if your hair is clean or dirty, it affect all, so regular washing ,although it helps, isn't a very effective way of removing lice.

And I know if you do this you will have peace of mind as i have now 

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  • Lice is a very delicate issue in treating because it does not go easily but with these steps you mentioned above I believe it can be eliminated thanks for sharing this information with us it's really helpful and educative. 

    - Adekunle Victor - 2019-10-09 19:15:02 Quote

  • My brother is 9 years old and he has lice on his hair. We have tried all we could to get rid of it but to no avail. So i will try this method. I will be so happy if the method gets rid of the lice, because it has been increasing since last week.

    - Daniel Jubril - 2019-10-09 19:21:04 Quote

  • That's a wonderful piece. God bless you . The hair maintenance of a thing is a matter that concersns both men and women. And this your write up would be indeed helpful.

    - Odinakachi Obaji - 2019-10-09 19:22:12 Quote

  • Thank you for sharing this post.  I am also a victim of lice attack the experience  is highly frustrating,  the itching is something  else, sometimes  I could barely sleep. I did  a lice treatment  once but I have not relaxed my hair yet but with this tip I think I have found a way to get rid of life without  cutting  my hair.

    - Precious Oyinyechukwu - 2019-10-09 19:22:12 Quote

  • Is lice the same as dandruff? If not then is it same methods of curing dandruff?and how healthy is the heat process cos I learnt heat is bad for hair and makes hair break 

    - COURAGE AGBONS - 2019-10-09 19:28:44 Quote

  • Lice is a very unwanted predator that feed on human being and also bring disgrace on the prey hairs thank u for this I think it can help get rid of lice

    - Desmond Orji - 2019-10-09 20:13:25 Quote

  • Thanks for the information because I have a friend that has lice and has barbed his hair but it didn't work I will tell him to try out this step

    - Jimoh Abdul - 2019-10-09 20:17:50 Quote

  • This your method is very very good,it is perfect for eliminating lice and also dandruffs.

    Also one has to use quality hair cream on the hair and on the scalp after every hair wash

    - Emmanuel Ayooluwa - 2019-10-09 20:20:00 Quote

  • Hair lice can not only disturb your peace but can also cause you embarrassment in public. Imagine your self all dressed up looking good to go for an important meeting. Standing up to talk in that meeting, and those sitting beside you begin to notice the lice crawling down to your face, neck or ear.

    - Emmanuel Ekaka - 2019-10-09 20:27:25 Quote

  • Its good not to give them opportunity to survive because they depend on your hair as a substrate to suck your blood for them to grow well.they don't add value to one's life.

    - Obika Foster - 2019-10-09 20:29:43 Quote

  • Very informative... Thanks for this writeup I think personal hygiene really requires commitment. We should always take care of every part of our body to avoid defects of any kind in any area. We should eat good food as well for efficiency of all our organs.

    - Daniel Gabriel - 2019-10-09 20:37:12 Quote

  • Having lice on the hair isn't a good thing because it brings discomfort... A lot of ladies have lice on their hair and they don't Know how to eradicate them... Nice write-up... 

    - Oladeji Paul - 2019-10-09 20:47:04 Quote

  • Lice habiting in hair is very is such a disgrace when people start to tell you you've got them on your hair. Stay healthy and keep the clean habit.

    - Alonge Iyanuoluwa - 2019-10-09 21:19:41 Quote

  • I totally agree with your suggestions. Regularly washing the hair with mildly hot water can be of great benefit too besides just relaxing. It's also possible that the eggs of the lice might be present in clothes. So washing the clothes and drying in hot sun can help. Fumigating the whole room too would help eliminate lice too

    - Tolulope Abiodun - 2019-10-09 21:24:40 Quote

  • I totally agree with your suggestions. Regularly washing the hair with mildly hot water can be of great benefit too besides just relaxing. It's also possible that the eggs of the lice might be present in clothes. So washing the clothes and drying in hot sun can help. Fumigating the whole room too would help eliminate lice too

    - Tolulope Abiodun - 2019-10-09 21:25:11 Quote

  • Lice can be dangerous to the hair because it feeds directly on the hair and discomfort to the hair,cutting the Hair to treat it can be a better solution.

    - Taiwo Itunuoluwa - 2019-10-09 21:33:22 Quote

  • Thank you so much for great and wonderful piece, it's indeed a helpful one. Though I have never experienced the hair lice but I find this information very interesting and will always be on guide to tackle it or any other related issue any time with this aid.

    - Christogonus Uneze - 2019-10-09 22:03:56 Quote

  • Thanks for sharing these tips with us... 

    I was in the dark as to how to treat lice...

    Lice can frustrate the hell out of one's live, with that constant itching feeling...

    Thanks again for this...

    - Ibrahim Taofeek - 2019-10-10 19:07:00 Quote

  • This is going to help in a long way, my friend has been trying to get rid of lice in her hair for a while now and has been trying different methods except this though. I’ll make sure she tries this and thanks so much. 

    - Awojide Shekinat - 2019-10-11 22:44:31 Quote

  • This is a very educative and informative piece of writting, it will help lots of people with hair lice problem to cure it and those who dont have it to know how to prevent lice is a really bad hair infection and this post will be really useful.

    - Ugwuodo Jonas - 2019-10-11 23:20:10 Quote

  • Thank you for this vital information.I think I would use this therapy yo remove all the lice from my hair completely.

    They are always itching and I'm always uncomfortable by this .

    Thank you so much for the vital information.

    - Emmanuel Izuagba - 2019-10-11 23:24:03 Quote

  • Thank you so much for sharing this with me this, I'm currently battling with a severe condition of hair lice,and my entire front hair has been scrapped...I hope this method works out fine

    - Akinkuebi Boluwatife - 2019-10-11 23:25:56 Quote

  • There is no doubt that Lice is dangerous and when it get to a stage, it kills as we have to be very careful of ourself. I have this experience from our neighbour's dog once some time ago.

    This is to tell everyone to be very be cautious of its dangerousity and among the symptoms of it is Several itching of the part it is.

    - Badmus Usman - 2019-10-11 23:26:03 Quote

  • Doing away with hair lice is a bit easier in men than it is in women. For men one just has to cut his hair completely off  using razor blade or a sharp clipper. Lice like to hide under the hair but once there is no hidden place for it, they will diasapear immediately 

    - Akese Francis - 2019-10-12 12:21:00 Quote

  • The issue of the live is really something these days especially for women. Some women can do without scratching the head and it's becoming shameful for some. I hope some our ladies can also find means to deal with the issue.

    - Adeyemi Kayode - 2019-10-12 18:02:54 Quote

  • Actually,  I had a bitter experience with hair lice sometime last year. I treated my hair with shampoo and hair conditioner hoping to quell them only to find out that it did the exact opposite as the lice only increased.  I combed thoroughly, tried different methods I found online all to no avail. After trying so hard,  I decided to put my dilemma into prayers.  Funny as it may sound, that was one method that worked out perfectly as the day after my prayer,  I realized that every single one of the hair lice was dead and dried up. I just went over to a hair salon, got my hair washed and that was it.

    - Thompson Rejoice - 2019-10-12 19:33:14 Quote

  • Lice are tiny parasitic organism that lives on the hair and are not easily noticed. There are many ways to get rid of it. For example applying of kerosene on the hair helps to kill them. When u apply kerosene on your hair and cover it with a cap. The hotness coming from the kerosene helps to kill it. 

    - Ofomata David - 2019-10-12 19:36:23 Quote

  • Incase the lice come back, but myonesse take like a spoon or two of it, mix it with the same quantity of honey and sheerbutter.  Use it to steam ur hair from time to time.  The lice will become history on your hair 

    - Stella Maurison - 2019-10-12 23:34:47 Quote

  • Lice is a parasite and has a nuisance value. It also can transmit some other parasitic infections. Lice infestation causes the affected to constantly scratch his or her hair. Good personal hygiene helps to prevent this infestation. Once affected I know application of some chemical kill them both adult and egg. Regular washing of hair and hair treatment help remove them.

    - Ikemefuna Chukwuenyem - 2019-10-13 14:31:59 Quote

  • Thanks for the information, now I know what to do when I have lice on my hair.  I think what I missed out was the part of having to wash the pillow case and bedsheets daily.. This may be a little cumbersome, but it's worth the trouble.

    - Obaitan Mary - 2019-10-13 19:24:24 Quote

  • Lice is a parasite that lives mainly on hair causing discomfort to the host, the best and easiest way to get rid of it is by cutting off your hair entirely and maintaining proper hygiene. 

    - Nesochukwu Azidiegwu - 2019-10-14 19:59:04 Quote

  • Lice can be due to unkept hair if you are not  keeping  your hair good which  is an act of dirtyness so try and take your bath always  take good  care of your hair because  is strictly part of your personal hygiene 

    - Dedeigbo Idowu - 2019-10-18 21:55:37 Quote

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