How I Lost My Vaginity And Dignity

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I was just 20 years and haven't had any responsible relationship I could proudly boast of. I met this guy in my area on afternoon on my way to shop. I hardly talk to guys in my area, infact they thought am a proud type.

This guy followed me all the way from the junction to our house, I had no option but to wait. After much pleading I gave my number to him. We started chatting online but I hardly gave him attention. He kept begging me to accept him but I didn't. 

After some days he stopped talking to me, I felt bad and messaged him. He replied Instantly. He invited me to his house but I turned him down. But we agreed to meet along the route of our house

After so much pleading I agreed to be his girl but kept turning his request to visit his house down. But unfortunately I agreed to go to his one day, I got there. We chatted for a while, played, even cooked. I was about to go when he insisted that I kiss him. I tried to fight my way out but I couldn't, after all and all, he begged for s3x but I told him am a virgin. He laughed it off and said am lying. He tried to force me but I begged, after much struggle, he succeeded. 

He didn't believe what he saw at first. I was heartbroken and ashamed. I left his house immediately. I got home and blocked his number from calling me. Days later I heard he told his friends am so cheap. He said am a whore.

What should I do?

How I lost my VAginity and dignity - By Anyanwu Benneth - 2019-11-07 20:21:02

I don't think that the guy deserve someone like you. You need to be careful next time as not to be a victim to the traps of ungrateful men. That you are disvirgined is not the end of the world. Move ahead with your life, God will give you a man who will love and cherish you.


How I lost my VAginity and dignity - By Anyanwu Blaize - 2019-11-08 01:36:11

Kindly ignore him, it's obvious he isn't man enough.. The best way to treat gossips is to pretend you didn't hear anything, Go ahead and live your life like nothing happened and mind you, you owe no one any explanation....

i pray you heal from the hurt you are feeling... Stay strong girl


How I lost my VAginity and dignity - By Francis Mofunlewi - 2019-11-08 11:19:07

So touching. He's immature for saying that and I guess you should leave him alone accept the blame and accept it as your fate. You shouldn't have allowed him in the first place, he might have bet with his friends and that must be the reason why he said so. 


How I lost my VAginity and dignity - By Mary Adamson - 2019-11-11 09:16:47

Darling, losing your virginity doesn't mean you've lost your dignity. Don't have low self esteem because of a guy that refuses to grow up.. It has happened, forget about it, dust yourself jare.. Its OK to restart.. The most important thing is, learn from every situation that you find yourself in.. Learn from every mistake.. You'll be fine.. 


How I lost my VAginity and dignity - By Kindness Umezuruike - 2019-11-15 16:28:25

Most guys aren't really after you as a person, they are just after what they can get from you. A guy can be so persuasive and persistent that you might even begin to question his intentions.

Women needs to be aware of the evil intentions of most men and learn how to be firm while insisting on something. If you are flexible and easily give in to their demands, you will be seen as a whore and a cheap product.

It's not easy but as women, try to let your yes mean yes and your no no. And mosy importantly, try to have self respect. This will keep you from being a victims of emotional trauma.


How I lost my VAginity and dignity - By Goodness ldika - 2019-11-30 15:52:14

That hurts me a lot , it obviously that he is still a child by going to tell his friends what happened between you both . my dear the best thing to do is to give deaf ear to all their gossips and continue to enjoy your life like before, I know is hard but try to forget what happened to you and him. Just be careful with all this street boys next time.