How I Lost My Virginity On My Birthday

In all the friends you make in life there must be a very bad friend.

"It was my birthday,it came like a regular day to me because I didn't have any money on me to celebrate it because I was broke at that time.I was at when I started getting calls from people wishing me happy birthday and all of a sudden I received a call from a my friend asking me if I was going to celebrate my birthday and I told him no.

So he told me that him I am not going to celebrate my birthday that I should come to his house is going to throw a small birthday party for me that is going to invite some of his friends to come and I could also invite some of my friends so I agreed.

I went to his place so we could arrange his house for the party,he bought some drinks and I went to the bank to withdraw 5000 Naira that left in my account we went to the market together and bought some ingredients to cook jollof rice and my birthday party was ready

By 4pm,people started coming,a lot of girls came and all the girls are there girls my friend as the party was going on I saw one beautiful and sexy looking girl with big boobs and nice ass sitting on are own at one corner,as I shy boy I went to my friend and I showed him the girl and told him to help me talk to the girl and he agreed

He went to the girl and talked to the girl for sometime and came back to me and told me that the girl said I should come and meet her,I was so scared and my friend pushed me to her.I saw talking to her for a very long time getting to know each other and she told me she wanted to go somewhere quit because the song they were playing was to loud,we went into my friends room.

So we started our discussion again,we started s8x chat and the next thing I noticed was that dick was standing and all of a sudden the girl hand was on my lap moving close to my dick,then she touched my dick and I touched her boobs and we started romancing each other.I touched her pussy and it was wet so we started fucking,I fucked her like it was not my first time.The girl slept at my friend place and we fucked for 5hours.

The next day the girl collected my number and since we have been fuck mate.

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