How I Slept With My Sister And Cause Her Death

There was something bad we were doing. We came home almost every weekend with girls – prostitutes. We would pick them when we finish work. But when only one person comes back with a girl, both of us will have s3x with her. The person who brought the girl will go in with her and after some hours, he will come out and the other person will go in and have s3x with the girl. In the morning, the girl will realize that she has been used by two men. But there will be nothing she will do about because raising an alarm will only make her a fool. Since she is a prostitute and was paid for her services, she would simply go away.

It happened that my friend came home one night with a girl. That night, though I tried, I could not get a girl to come back home with.

The girls we brought home were prostitutes who drink alcohol so sometimes they sleep deeply and in the drunkenness, they do not even understand that different men had s3x with them.

So that night I came back rather late and I had no girl with me. My friend heard me drive in and came out of his room to greet. I told him I could not get a girl for the night. He said not to worry. That he came with a girl.

We agreed that he will spend some time with the girl in his room. Then by 2am, he will come out as if he wants to ease himself and I will go in, while he will spend the remaining part of the night in my room.

So I cleaned up and went into my room for a rest. Indeed by 2am, he pushed my door and came in. He made signs for me to go in and have s3x with the girl.

I tiptoed into the room, climbed on the bed. I did not put on the light because, I was scared the girl will see my face and resist, since I was not the one who brought her home. I could only see the outline of her body from the little light that flickered in through the openings on the window.

I was already heavily erect. So I spread her legs apart and shortly after, I was making love passionately to the girl. I had s3x with her twice and then slept off.

In the morning, I decided to go one more round before going off. As I entered her, I decided to put on the light so that as I make love to her, I can see her face. Well what will she do if she discovers that two people made love to her. Nothing. She is a prostitute. I stretch my hand and touched the bedside switch and turned it on.

As I looked at the face of the girl and she looked at mine, we were both shocked. It was my immediate younger sister who was lying below me with my penis deep in her. We were too shocked to talk. I pulled out of her, dressed up and left the room. She did same.

I could not even tell Damian that the girl he brought home and we both slept with was my sister.
My sister was a student at the university. How on earth was she at a place where prostitutes stay. What kind of money was she looking for that she would get into prostitution.

How on earth did I sleep with a woman whose face I had not seen? I could not do anything that day. I could not eat and I could not concentrate on my driving so I parked because I was afraid I may cause an accident.

Some few weeks later, my sister became sick and was taken home. She died some days later. Deep in me I know she committed suicide because she could not bear the shame.

My life has been messed up since then. It has been some few years now and nobody knew what happened. But I have not been myself. I have contemplated suicide many times. Right now I am so confused. Please what do I do to take this off my mind. Please someone help and tell me what to do to get this off my mind.

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  • Suicide will not solve the issue, it will only make it worse,  nothing is above prayer and God is willing to forgive even though it's a sacrilege. Get closer to God, ask for  forgiveness and tell him to guide you through this trying time. But please do not think about suicide because that's just a quick way to eternal suffering. 

    - Ezekiel Donald Nathaniel - 2019-12-27 10:45:21 Quote

  • My dear the only option left for you now is repenting of your past life and give your life to Christ who is the only one that will transform you to become a changed person (2For5:17).Jesus, the prince of peace, will give you peace of mind even as you take this step of faith. My brother do it now! for tomorrow might be late. may God see you through in Jesus name (amen) 

    - Ifeanyi John - 2019-12-27 14:44:47 Quote

  • You just have to forgive yourself and let that guilt pass away. If u continue thinking about the past you will never go forward or do something positive in the future. So I advice that u confess to God and ask for his forgiveness and also ask your sisters spirit for forgiveness and then move on with your life .

    - Favour Adetutu - 2019-12-27 18:25:56 Quote

  • You really need to talk to someone about this, tell your parents what happened. I know that's a tough decision, but u just have to it off ur chest because I don't think u can be at rest if u don't. suicide is not the answer, seek forgiveness and try therapy. 

    - Asemokhai Veronica - 2019-12-28 11:15:16 Quote

  • All you need to do is talk to someone because what you did is really wrong. Killing yourself is not an option at all. You need to repent from your sins and talk to someone. If you know you can't talk to your family then I guess you should get a counselor to talk to. Someone who can advise you better

    - Odunlade Adeola - 2019-12-30 13:01:55 Quote

  • Just ask God for forgiveness and ask for counseling from your pastor, suicide is not the answer here one of you must live to tell the story so that others can learn, that's what we called Karma, to show you how bad things you and your friends have being doing.. Getting closer to God is the only way out

    - Joshua Sunday - 2019-12-31 07:38:14 Quote

  • I think what you need do is to forgive yourself first, set yourself free...accept what you did was a terrible mistake and you are willing to make it right by forgiving yourself first and asking for forgiveness from God thoroughly,I don't know if you are a Muslim or Christian but do it how it is suppose to be done regarding your religion.And if you can also talk to a therapist afterwards before talking to your family members.I wish you all the best.

    - Ameenah Zubair - 2020-01-01 08:26:18 Quote

  • You just have to forget about it and forgive yourself. Because the deed has been done. You should be more careful next time. But I bet you won’t even do that shit no more. You just have to forget about it and move on with your life. And say it to no one

    - Ajibolade Feyisola - 2020-01-02 10:15:14 Quote

  • The only solution to this issue is to confess your sins to God, I repeat to God and not man, and ask for forgiveness, have true repentance in you and believe he has forgiven you, for surly the devil will always want to remaind you of your sins and condem you for it, but when he dose also remember it was for this reason that christ died to wash away our sins, backup yourself with the word of God by always reading the bible.

    - Korie Chibuenyim Sybiliana - 2020-01-02 11:54:13 Quote

  • Suicide isn't the option brother,though you've made a great mistake, you've done wrong, probably your conscience might be condemning you,but I think in situations like this,you need to let it out,keeping this a secret to the grave might be a very bad mistake,only when you confess will your heart be free again. Just Don't commit suicide,but do what's right.

    - Michael Otorkhagua - 2020-01-02 12:11:33 Quote

  • My dear suicide cannot help the case ok, and the way I see it, it not that you did it intentional, but you know that apart from you sleeping with your sister it is not a good thing for you and your friend to go into such act, all I can advice you to do is to just beg God for forgiveness if you are truly sorry for the dirty act and I trust God for being a merciful God, he is going to forgive you ok

    - Olivia Olivia - 2020-01-02 18:57:45 Quote

  • Suicide is not the next didn't know she is your sister and she didn't know it was you ,I know how you feel now because telling someone you slept with your sister will look awkward,all you have to do is to ask God for his forgiveness and beg for Mercy from there is nothing he can't do .

    You just have to forget it and move on with your life.the deed has been

    - Jeremia Ikagba - 2020-01-03 01:33:35 Quote

  • Committing suicide is not the next line of action. What i think you should do is confess your sin and repent, God is so merciful that he will forgive you. Accept christ as your Lord and Saviour and be prayerful and also be closer to God. God will help you, it is well

    - Elizabeth Oluwatosin - 2020-01-08 17:37:07 Quote

  • I think everyone will learn from this that what goes around comes around. The deed had been done but suicide is not the best remedy for it. Ask for forgiveness from your lord and parent. Stay clear away from that bad habit. Set your mind free also or better still, see a therapist.

    - Babalola Zainab - 2020-01-12 16:52:38 Quote

  • Well , nothing on earth is difficult to handle, but firstly you must move closer to God and confess your sin to him to save you from your sinful way, God answer prayer. What if its was your own biological daughter you slept with. So its better you put an end to it. I pray the lord will have mercy on you and your generation to come

    - Aderibigbe Ayobami - 2020-01-13 00:36:14 Quote

  • This is so deep, well the did has been done all you have to do is ask God for forgiveness, look for someone to council you and also led you to go see your parent to talk things out. God just to let you stop that act so please sucide is not the best option instead you are causing more pains to your parent and yourself

    - Jacinta Ngozi - 2020-01-20 23:29:52 Quote

  • First thing u have to know is, it has happen and it has happen, u cannot change that, secondly, u don't have to destroy your beautiful future over a simple mistake, don't kill yourself bro cos it will become a double sin, ask for forgiveness and stay away from such act

    - Okonofua Samuel - 2020-01-21 06:47:54 Quote

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