How I Was Scam Via Pos And By A Stranger.

On 27th of October 2019 I and my wife just arrived from church by 12pm later in the day I notice a car Toyota hillux it was painted with yellow all through and the was a label on the car written epic daily shopping later on a man came out of the car dressed corporately with yellowed T-shirt and it was also written on left hand side of the shirt epic daily shopping he knocked on my door and I open the door for him later on he greeted me saying"good afternoon sir are you Mr Paul" I said yes instantly he is a friend of my sent me a wine he later showed me the wine,he said it was said my Mr Thomas I told him I told remember a friend with such name.he said maybe my hold friend I later collect the wine from him and he said I have to pay for the transportation fee quickly I deep my hand inside my pocket instantly he said is company does not support cash he said I can pay via pos quickly I called my wife to please get me my ATM card I inserted my ATM card on the pos and did the transaction later on after two hours I notice a message from my bank saying I have been debited a sum of hundred thousand naira on the second day I quickly went to my bank for complaint later they ask me did I use my ATM to make any transaction I said yes and I explain everything to them so they made me know that I have been  scamed that they have processed the pos that any who uses the pos that the account details will be saved on the pos.

1 Please be careful on how you make your transactions.

2 Then don't just make any transaction to any stranger make sure you verify very well.

3 you must make sure you turn your pos against the person in front of you to prevent them for not knowing your account details.

You guys can also contribute to the matter on how we can be safe by making online transactions thank you.

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