How I Was Successfully Misguided And Misled By Google Map

I am a Uniport student and I stay in Choba. I had seminar to attend in L.A King's hotel by stadium road, Port Harcourt. I haven't been in that part of PH before, so I decided to help myself with Google map to track the position of L.A king's hotel. According to Google map, the fastest route to L.A king's hotel from Choba is through Rumuola to Air-Force junction. After I had known the that, I was calmed and I did appreciate Google map for its help.

On the day of the seminar, I entered a bus heading to Rumuola from Choba. When I got to Rumuola, I used Google map to check how far I must travel before I arrive to my destination; and it was 3.1 km.  So I enter a taxi to heading towards Air-force junction. While I was on the way to Air-Force junctioni, I was monitoring the Google map on my smart phone; as the taxi was moving, it was also moving on the map. I was so excited that I was guided by a Google map. Few distance about 150 meter before the junction, Google map told me I have arrived L.A king's hotel.

Honestly I was kind of confused and immediately I got to the junction, I quickly asked someone to confirm where I was at that particular time. I seemed I was in the right place. I refreshed the Google map and L.A king's hotel was 1.2km away from the junction. I tried to enter taxi but all the drivers refused because the hotel was not far from the junction but I didn't know. I was so obsessed to follow Google map lead.

I started trekking. After I had covered some distance, I checked the Google map and I had about 650 meters to cover. I continued trekking and after some time covering a long distance, I refreshed Google map and I was expecting to see 100 meters or 50 meters away from the hotel, instead I was 1.8km behind L.A king's hotel. I didn't believe until few people made it clear to me that the hotel is close to the junction.  At that time I enter a taxi heading back to the  junction and I told the driver to stop at L.A kings hotel. That was how I got to the venue. It was such a funny and ugly experience.

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  • Sorry for the experience you had. I've had to travel to ebonyi state from ekiti state and google map was of great help. You know it can't be 100% accurate as the information was gotten from people in surveys. Next time don't depend too much on google map but I guess you already know that

    - Grace oyinloye - 2019-12-05 13:08:12 Quote

  • Sorry about your experience, but I have used Google map when I was traveling from enugu to Abuja (lugbe). The bus I entered dropped me at utako, and I used my Google map to check the distance from utako to lugbe, from my own experience it was fairly accurate cos I got there in the estimated time.

    Sometimes it's just a little error. Just be a little bit more careful next time. 

    - Vitus Ezeh - 2019-12-19 10:52:00 Quote

  • I remember one time i used Google map to go to bariga from festac, it was fairly accurate because i took like 3 wrong turns ending up in a blocked, so hence reversing again, google map is handy because most people along the road wont want to help, sometimes they don't even respond to questions being asked about directions.

    - Adaobi Emenike - 2020-01-23 22:23:30 Quote

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