How My Friend Introduced Me To A Sugar Daddy And Almost Ruined My Life

After finishing secondary school, getting aadmission into the university immediately wasn't successful. I had to stay at home for a year so that i could re write Jamb and try again the following year. My best friend Tolu was successful in gaining admission into a renowned federal school. I always stayed at home or go to my mothers shop. Tolu always called me, gisting me about her everyday life on campus, and how she wants to be a big girl on campus. She kept telling me about her new boyfriend who spends on her a lot and buys her everything.

One day she came to visit me at home, when i saw her she had changed even though i use to see her pictures but seeing is really believing. She wore a very expensive human hair, carried expensive Hermes bag. I was really wowed, i engaged her into gisting me more about her new found boyfriend. She started talking and said he is 55 years old and he really loves her.

I stopped her and said he is a sugar daddy, She said yes. I became uncomfortable with the gist. She also told me about how good he is in bed. I told her to be careful, she was like forget it jor. When she was leaving she gave me #20,000. We kept on talking and she continued living large on campus. On one faithful day Tolu called me and said she is with her sugar daddy and one of his friends that i should come join them at a hotel, she convinced me that i will enjoy myself, i dressed up and went to meet them.

When i got there, i almost went down on my knees to greet them, because they were old men. Tolu introduced me to them. I was offered a drink, then Tolu and her sugar daddy left me alone with his friends to go into their room. He moved close to me and put his arms around my neck. He said i should call him baby that he is ready to take care of me. I was reluctant at first then he said we should go into a room, i agreed then he said he wants to sleep with me, i told him i can't, then he asked for my account number and sent me #30,000 immediately.

Then i agreed to sleep with him, i told him i was late that i need to go home, i called Tolu that i was leaving then he dropped me off. I kept on seeing him, he spent a lot on me, bought me clothes, human hair, expensive bags and shoes. I kept enjoying myself, living large. One day my phone rang it was a strange number, i picked it and the next thing i heard was " if you know what is good for you, if you dont want to die young leave my husband alone" and it cut. I was shocked. Then immediately i called my sugar daddy and told him, i sent him the number that called me then he told me it was his wife. I told him i didnt want any trouble that am still young. He assured me that all will be well, we still continued seeing each other.

My phone rang one day and i picked it and i heard" i can see you don't love your life" i immediately responded and hurled abusive words at her then i hung up. The next morning i woke up and wanted to urinate, i couldn't lift my legs it felt like rocks were placed on my body. I couldn't move any part of my body, i started crying and shouting for help then my mother came and shouted for help too, then she got people to carry me so we could go to the hospital. The doctors carried out numerous tests on me and said they didn't find anything. I was in the hospital for about 4 months, eventually i was carried away.

My mum started praying seriously. During that period my sugar daddy stopped talking to me, he never called me again. One day my mum told me that she had a dream that she saw me taking what does not belong to me. She was crying and begged me to tell her if i had gone beyond my bounds . i told her everything then she said i should give her my sugar daddys wifes number, i did. My mum called her and begged her seriously, she also engaged some family members to beg her. A week later i started moving my body, i had sores all over my buttocks, back. By the time i was healed i couldnt write jamb again because it was late, i had to wait till the following year again. I learned my lesson in a very hard way.

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  • You should be very grateful to your creator,  this type of thing had claimed lots of young ladies lives and left their parents in shock as theres no trace of what caused their sudden deaths. At least crying out loud in time was just the perfect saving choice you made. Your mother too was wise enough to see beyond. Its a clear warning to those that may still be in it today. 

    - Patrick Chinonso - 2019-11-18 04:15:54 Quote

  • I sincerely hope you have learnt your lesson and have found out that money isn't everything. Be thankful to God that you have a supportive and  caring mom who ran helter skelter for you just to get better. Now be a good girl and make your mother proud to have you and don't ever try this again.

    - Uwaila Isaac - 2019-11-18 13:09:47 Quote

  • What others do and enjoy might be a no go area for some people. Thank God she did not take your life or anything special from you, well I think you need to be more careful cos this life is short and a lot of people die untimely due to things like this and also I am very sorry to say this but your friend is a bad influence on you and you need to stay really far away from her so that you don't make the same mistake again

    - Olasubomi Oloyede - 2019-11-19 15:19:03 Quote

  • I wouldn't say what you did was good or try to justify what you did because you definitely had a choice to dissociate yourself from that your friend since you have figure out that she is into suger daddy , there is no short cut to success assuming the lady had killed you that will be the end of your life, thank God you are a living testimony to all the young girls. 

    - Omosele Matthew - 2019-11-21 10:16:10 Quote

  • Thank your God that u are alive,some heartless wives would even kill instantly.Please to all our young ladies,we should avoid sugar daddies.yes he spends a lot on you,you get all you want but there is more to life than material things.You are just destroying your future because that your sugar daddy already has wife and kids but you are still single.Ladies,be wise.

    - Chilo Mary - 2019-11-23 12:49:31 Quote

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