How My Lawyer Saved Me From Going To Jail

By - - [ Real Matter ]

I live in a large compound with two flats. I occupied one, and a lawyer and his family occupied the second one. We are good friends because I studied veterinary medicine in the university of Ibadan so I take care of his three Doberman Pinscher.

We talk about other things too like politics, football, trending news, social media stunts, etc so he knows me quite well.
On a Sunday afternoon, I chatted up one girl that I've been talking to on whatsapp for some time; she lives three streets away from mine. Basically, I have no girlfriend but it was just different with this girl, I felt like we could become more, so after chatting for three months on a regular basis, I asked if she would like to come over to my place and she agreed. We agreed to meet on a Sunday because it was like the only day we both had time.

Eventually, It was Sunday, I got back from church around 11am and I planned to rest before Lola would arrive but the Lawyer next door had seen me when I drove into the compound so he messaged me on whatsapp to tell me that one of his dogs was sick, so I had to rush over, do one or few things for the dog and as I was about leaving, my phone rang; it was Lola, she called to tell me she was at my gate, so I left my neighbour's apartment and rushed to meet her.

She wore a red crop top with a tight high waist jean, for a moment, I didn't know what to do, I just kept staring till she pinched me, asking if I wont ask her come in. Quickly, I pulled her in and we talked as we walked into my flat.

I was pleased that she arrived early, because when I checked my time, it was 11:40 am. As we got inside, I made her a cold tea and I served it along with some watermelon and chicken. She commented on my hospitality, saying it was funny.

We chatted till 2pm and it was indeed a sweet one, we talked about my work, her work, her siblings, my exs, and finally, it got to the romantic part. To cut the long story short, One of my hands was working her body while the other one was buried deep in her pants, she too, curled around me, biting my neck softly; we had three sweet round of sex before she decided to leave.
when she got home, she messaged me on whatsapp, explaining that the sex was the best she has had in 8 months, I laughed and replied that she was actually good in bed too, we talked about the sex for the rest of the day before we ended the chat on a "goodbye" note.

The next morning, I was woken up by loud and angry knocks on my door. At first, I ignored it but it was too much so I had to stagger out of bed, drag myself to open the door, just to meet three police officers of the law waiting for me. I rubbed my eyes to be sure of what I was seeing. Then, one of the officers said "young man, you are under arrest..." that was the only thing I heard before I was bundled into their waiting van.

At the station, my hands had been cuffed and no one was talking to me; I was scared because I didn't know my offence, Moreso, I was hungry.

After four hours of detainment, I was charged with rape. My mouth refused to shut itself for almost 30 minutes, I kept repeating the word rape. Who did I rape? When did I rape? Where did I rape the person? Was it a lady or a guy? I began to cry, because I was helpless, I didn't have any explanation to give because I didn't even understand what was happening.
The officer explained that I invited a lady to my house at 10pm and around 12am in the e midnight, I forcefully tore her clothes and raped her, and that the girl was able to escape after I slept off. Then it dawned on me that it was Lola. Quickly, I told the officer that it was all lies, that it was exactly the opposite but I was slapped heavily before thrown into the cell, where I began to cry like a baby. I couldn't call anyone or talk to anybody, I was all alone. I began to think about my job, my simple life, my parents and then I wondered if I would be like those people who rot in jail because of a crime they didn't commit.

After 3 hours, they said someone had come to see me, I was very happy; finally, someone remembered me. When I was brought out of the cell, I was surprised to see Lawyer Remi waiting for me. The lawyer next door had come to see me? I broke into tears when I saw him and he quickly pulled me away from the officers and set me down on a chair. I was going to narrate what happened but he told me to hold my peace that as my lawyer, he has everything under control. I was surprised when he said "as your Lawyer..." Did he take it upon himself to help me?
He asked if there was anything to back-up my argument but I had nothing; I couldn't even think straight. Then, he asked for my phone and I told him it was in my apartment and with that he left and I was returned to my cell.
Now, during my 8 hours in cell, I have not seen Lola come around, so I am still in shock as for why she would want to frame me, but that was not the important thing now, I must get out of this dark hole first.

Around 9pm, lawyer Remi came back, even though I didn't see what happened, I could hear noises, arguments, and then after twenty minutes, I was released. On our way home, Lawyer Remi explained that he was about to debunk the lie that she arrived in my house at 10pm, rather 11:40am in the morning by providing the data of my call log when she called me to inform me that she was at my gate, not only that, he provided the chats after she left my place where she stated that she enjoyed the sex and that it was the best she has ever had in 8 months.
I was shocked, thankful and happy as lawyer Remi spoke, he was really an angel at that moment. I never saw or heard anything from Lola so why she took such action is still unclear to me but I have learnt my lesson since then.