Naive Shy Guys Turn Me On

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Ever since the first day I got to experience a man's p3nis, I won't lie, I lost control of my s3xual discipline. My first time wasn't all-that, but I loved the feeling of pain and pleasure. 

The first guy I did it with was very much experienced and it was evident in the way he handled my body. But... after trying it out with two other experienced men, I got bored. There was no thrill again. So I decided to take a different route, and my first attempt was with a friend of mine at school. We were from different departments but the same faculty. He is very book-smart,  but what really drew me to him was his timid nature. 

I approached him for the first time in January of this year and he seemed so nice. I wanted him to be my friend by all means, and slowly but steadily, we became a bit close. 

One day I called and told him that I wanted to see him at night so that he would tutor me. He agreed though he was hesitant at first, because he doesn't like coming out at night. I was so happy. My plans were coming to be. We met at a different faculty where I knew was secluded. I noticed he became uncomfortable when I touched him in certain places, so I tried to calm him down. I started to tell him how handsome he was and how his intelligence turned me on and he became weak. Before I knew it, he told me he had a crush on me and I knew it was time for action. I put my hand on his cheek and gave him a peck on his soft lips. He couldn't believe, then he said, "I've never been kis$ed before". I told him that with me, he'll experience many new things. 

I reached for his trousers and he looked flushed. I told him not to be scared and he let me do my thing. Long story short, I took his v-card away that day. He had such a huge d*ck and I told him to be proud of it. Honestly, this experience with him was like never before because this time, I was in control. I loved it. I decided to try this new method with other shy guys at the same time I continued with experienced guys, and I prefered the former. There's just something about inexperienced/naive guys that make me go crazy.

Naive Shy Guys Turn Me On - By Michael Adonri - 2019-11-11 12:30:54

Well it seems it's your thing, have fun...believe me there are a lot of shy guys out there, you'll probably never run out of them. I'm happy for you though, you've discovered what makes you tick...can't say the same for other girls though!