How NNU Forum Members Earn A Lot Of Money And Cash Out Monthly

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*Please Read This Tip Including How To Become A Distributor / Agent & Smart Guy Strategies* ??

Its no longer news that NNU Income v2 on NNU Forum is a top notch project, the first & number 1 website in Nigeria that pay people for reading news online which is not the New Network Union Forum (NNU Forum). With our v2 innovation of NNU Forum system, we have come up with a tip to make sure members earn a lot of money and achieve their goal.

*NOTE:* The tips you are about to read is optional *(Strictly by choice for for the smart people)*. You can just become a regular member, stay active on the site, earn as much as you can and cash out without referring anyone while you get paid on queue rules of first come first serve. Turn by turn. But if you wish to take the bull by the horn and earn a lot of money as a smart guy or a smart lady, digest this tip and take action.

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Once you become a member, try to join our distributors / agents and get your name listed on the site. That will give you more prospecting privilege and a better impression to boost your prospect's trust and also take you serious.

When promoting and talking to people about this opportunity, make them understand that you are among our distributors / agents. Whereas, you can guide them and also sell E-Pin to them for registration. Remember that you earn more as a distributor. ₦200 profit to sell one e-pin and you will also earn your ₦1,000 affiliate commission when those prospects register through you. WOW That's a huge profit of up to 86% = ₦1,200 for you selling a membership plan of just ₦1,400.

You just need to guide your prospects and follow them up through the registration process to make sure they use your referral link or username as referral. To get referral is actually not easy but being a distributor / agent makes it easier.

With the help of Facebook and Whatsapp, you can also start making huge amount of money on daily basis like other smart guys on this forum. Don't forget the founder himself leverage on this opportunity as a smart guy who earn over 1 million naira monthly. Create a whatsapp group for your prospects. Make sure you setup your group before allowing people to join. Disable send message by all participant and enable only admin so your group wont be flooded with negative messages and spam.

Get your whatsapp group link or your whatsapp profile link to start promoting and prospecting via Facebook groups and some other way round like your messenger and contact friends list. Avoid posting your referral on Facebook so it wont be blocked. Smart guys dont do that... Now watch as referrals start coming in. You just need to detail them and get them involved.

*NOTE:* Be positive, don't get discouraged even when you see negative feedback. Those are one of those things that keep us moving.

Thousands of people join NNU Forum daily and they use e-pin to register.

To become a distributor / agent and earn daily commission, you will need to buy e-pin at wholesale price which is ₦1,200 per one pin. The minimum bulk purchase is 20 pins or more depending on your capability. Meaning 20 pins minimum at ₦24,000 and above. Thats what you can start with.

NNU Forum registration is ₦1,400 and that's the price you must sell to prospective members while you earn ₦200 profit per sales. If you sell below the fixed price, you will be removed from distributors list. Make sure you keep a good reputation by delivering e-pins on time to your prospects or buyers so they can get referrals and be buying from you as you also guide and encourage them. Also, don't keep members money without delivering e-pins else, if your bank account is reported, you are on your own.

Your name will be added to the list of distributors on the website so you can also be getting prospects / buyers from our general campaign / advert and also have proof for your prospective customers.

If you are interested and ready to start, pay to NNU founder UBA 2061041888 Paul Samson. After payment, send your proof of payment including sender name via whatsapp only

Once your payment is confirmed, bulk epins will be sent to you as reply via whatsapp. Thereafter, drop your name, your number and whatsapp link to be listed on the website.

*Don't forget how smart guys work;*

Smart guy joins NNU Forum, not only as a member but also grabs E-Pin distributor / agent opportunity as e dey hot before it closes.

Smart guy takes charge of people around, community, school environment, in fact his full area.

Smart guy starts referring people to take advantage of NNU Forum earning opportunity.

Smart guy earns both referral earning of ₦1000, and also earn ₦200 naira for selling epins to those who he refers as agents.  Wow see profit...

Smart guy now earns a whooping sum of ₦1200 for selling ₦1400 product... WOW WOW. That is 85.7% profit margin..

*Now you may ask, how is the business owner making profit?*

Actually, the business owner is a smart guy too, who does the same thing the smart guys do.
No loss, we all make money and make a lot of profit together...

Who does that? Only NNU Income Project is capable of doing it ??.

Thats how smart guys do. So if you know you are smart, get involved and take action now.

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