How She Almost Killed Me Because Of Love And Jealous Relationship

How my sister almost killed me because she was in love with my best friend and was jealous of our relationship.

It all started slow and gradual, that's how all tragedies happen, right? Because I never thought my own blood could do such a thing to me.

Daniel and I became besties after he assisted a friend of mine who had an upset stomach as we left the club. She couldn't stop puking and retching. But he and his two friends came and helped us, told us it would all be okay. And indeed it was. 

Anytime I meet someone with like passion as me I like them immediately and that's what happened. I had a boyfriend though and I wasn't actually searching for anything more, and so did my sister but she immediately had a crush on him even more when he asked for her number and they started talking. I was happy because I didn't really like the guy she was dating so when we met some other time under a more friendly situation he said he liked me and we'll be great friends. I loved the idea and thought after he said he wanted to date my sister that it wouldn't be so bad for my friend to do so. But Rachel, my sister didn't know what she wanted. 

She gradually fell for Daniel but denied it says she still loved her boyfriend, Joseph. Daniel being one of the rich guys in school wanted to give her everything she wanted because he truly loved her but she turned him down everytime and treated him bad.

We were now friends for a whole two months and every one knew and liked him because not being biased, Daniel was quite charming and kind and if I wasn't dating I would have him. But I began to love him just as a friend though. 

Rachel on the other hand grew jealous each day we met or talked, she turned him down and treated him bad so much he gave up and stopped his pursuit and that made her mad. She wanted him to keep chasing and her saying no and hurting him, which I found very appalling and upsetting that she'll want such a thing. 

She'll constantly insult him to his face and even to her friends and people around which he kept quite about and would leave in melancholy. All this behaviors made me mad and I'll often fight with her about, but she'll get angry and say he's a nobody and she wishes we never met him. The first the she said that I was shocked and didn't speak to her for the whole day. 

But it all really started when she'll ask if I loved Daniel over her or if I would save her instead of Daniel in a bad situation. I'll laugh and brush it off saying they held different spots in my life but that only fueled her anger. Soon she started dissuading me from seeing him and started telling me to ask him for money for her since he was my friend or for him to take both of us out, both ideas which I didn't quite like. 

One day as Daniel drove into our apartment she went out to meet him and washed him down with insults and told him to leave and stop seeing me. I didn't know this was going on till I came from the bathroom and heard her. I immediately got into my bath robe and went outside. I saw how much Daniels anger was contained because he didn't want to do anything bad to her but all he said was "I won't fight you because you're still an immature child and I regret ever falling for you" truly Rachel was and acted the path, but as he walked away from her and into the apartment she hates him entering with me in disappointment of what she has just done she pulled a knife from her back and ran to plunge it into my abdomen.

Her exact words as I began to loose blood was "if I can't have him, you can't also " I never for once thought or imagined my sister would hate me that much, because of a guy. 

I was immediately rushed to the ER and attended to with the excuse of it being an accident. Why and how would I tell people my sister wanted me dead. How would o even tell our parents.

Thankfully the knife was only imbedded in my tissues and didn't hit any organ or caused any more damage.

A month after the assault Rachel came back apologizing about what she had done but I didn't want to hear it. She was my sister and I loved her but we couldn't stay together again so I asked her to move out and pray that she shouldn't do something much worse.

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  • You did your best all you need now is to keep your distance both from Rachael and the Daniel guy.. But that doesn't mean u can't check up on eacheother when needed but cut off all intimacy with them.. Cos someone who can try to kill u because of a guy can obviously kill u because of money too.. Stay safe sis and I wish u a speedy recovery

    - Lawal Adeola - 2019-11-05 13:22:24 Quote

  • I find this quite funny because sisters don’t behave like that, she should be checked medically to ascertain if she’s okay. Meanwhile, the best thing is just to keep the distance from the sister and the guy should watch his back too, their friendship doesn’t have to end because of her sister they just have to be careful.

    - Oluwadamilola Ameen - 2019-11-05 14:13:57 Quote

  • This is serious. Sisters usually try to protect each other.

    This type of jealousy is bordering on insanity. You should have outed her so she will have a psychiatric evaluation. If she is mentally unstable she might have another episode and who knows what harm that will cause.

    Most times we overlook incidences like this and react much later when it is usually too late.

    - Hembafan Atagher - 2019-11-06 13:07:24 Quote

  • Jealously is a very bad and dangerous problem, and jealously truly occurs when there is lack of trust and honestly In a relationship, my advice is you leave her to him and keep up with life..Gods time is the best, you can't kill yourself because of a man...

     He Knows you showed him you love him..its left to him...a lady who tries to kill because of a guy..can kill the guy because of jealously 

    - Micheal Ikumapayi - 2019-11-06 16:05:24 Quote

  • I didn't need to complete the story but one thing you shouldn't do is forgiving her and taking her back cause believe me she's definitely going to kill you someday for jealousy... people like her can never change,they only feel remorse at the moment but change to their old self after some time

    - Ekanem Fuller - 2019-11-06 21:21:28 Quote

  • There are some sisters like that it's only if they are not from the same mother, anyway, you just have to be very careful with the way you handle things with her jealousy can lead to anything since your sister loves him but pretend she doesn't. She needs counselling, because she's still behave like a kid. God will help you through, just be patient with her

    - Titilope Onisape - 2019-11-16 11:58:30 Quote

  • Jealousy makes one act without thinking, thank God for your life. I will prefer you speak to your parents about your sister, it's all for your own safety and for her own sanity. I believe they will be able to help her out. Avoiding her also will help you a lot but you can't avoid her forever because she's your sister. 

    - Chidinma Eze - 2019-11-29 12:31:00 Quote

  • Such is too extreme, I realise that people tend to make irrational decisions always due to their selfish reasons.

    People should learn to be patient, pray and think hard before drawing conclusions on matter's..

    - Ahmad Sulaiman Ahmad - 2020-02-11 07:30:31 Quote

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