How Soldier Ants Ruined My Rabbit Farm And How I Resolved The Issue

I am a rabbit lover kind of person and so I keep plenty of them. I breed them and sell them to veterinarians  who use them in the lab, I sell them to people who want them as pets, I sell them to people who would eat them too and I make huge profit from it. The only problem was that I did not have much space to enlarge my farm especially when demand for rabbit's increased greatly. I live in a rented apartment so I had little space, so for the sake of my business.

I sped up the project of the house I was building and so in a few months I moved into my own home. The area is quite a local place, and the houses there were not much at all; infact, the neighbours I had were bush on my left, back and right side so I was all alone. Prior to the time I moved in, I had new cages made and I bought more rabbits as I did not want relocation to be a problem to my work. I had also loaded the store with their food.

Due to the situation in my new area, I bought a German shepherd for security purposes as I had heard news that the guys in the village are quite the notorious types but that was not actually the enemy I needed to be worried about...

It was a Sunday on that fateful morning and I had just returned from Church, being a bachelor, I had no one to cook for me so I did everything all by myself. As I got home from church that day, I was so tired that I decided to rest a little before preparing myself something to eat, and that was how I drifted into a long sleep.

It was in the middle of my sleep that I heard Sparrow, my dog barking furiously. At first, I thought he had seen some people passing by but then he continued barking from inside his cage.

As the barking increased, I could not take it anymore so I pulled myself out of bed and walked to the backyard with my eyes still heavy. As I approached the dogs cage, he stopped barking and began to whine. I looked around but I did not see anything, but then I felt something tingling my legs and as I looked down, my eyes almost fell from their sockets at the sight of millions of soldier ants crawling all over my backyard. Immediately, I sprang away in fear, they had found their way into my trousers and they were biting me. I screamed as I pulled my shirt off and then my dog barked again.

Like I was in a trance, my brain sparked and I remembered my rabbits, at that moment, nothing else matters anymore, the soldier ants on my legs did not even matter as I rushed towards their cage only for me to receive the greatest shock of my life; all of the cages had been covered with swarming army of ants, I could not see anything else other than black.

I brought my hands to my head in despair; I had never seen anything like it before, I began to cry as I did not know what to do. I had over forty rabbits in those cages. I ran around frantically not knowing exactly what to do. The ants were in every part of my body but I cared less. The rabbits were the only important thing right now.

Not knowing what to do, I got a broom and I was beating them off the cage with it, but they were just so much that it no time, the broom got stuck in their thickness and then an idea popped up in my head. I was going to set fire underneath the cage so I got some old clothes, papers, cartons, woods, and every flammable object I could find. I pushed everything under the cage using an iron pole.

I poured kerosene and set it ablaze and the fire soared up and then the ants began to scatter and fall from the body of the cage.

I was surprised and happy when I saw that the fire was working so I got more old clothes and anything I could find and made more fire. I placed the fires at certain locations and they began to scatter and try to run away but I did not let them. I boxed them in with the fire till they all had gathered in one place and then I dropped an already soaked with kerosene rag in their midst and set it ablaze, and that was how they all burned to death.

Then I was able to see what had happened to my rabbit's. Over forty rabbits had been eaten alive and all that was left in the cage was just bones and blood. Even the new babies were not left out, none of them survived. I sank into a nearby chair as I cried my eyes out. I almost began to curse myself for coming to an area like this.

I cleared out the blood and bones and I washed the cage after two days, and cleared the backyard too. The truth is I have never seen those kinds of ants before and it was until I talked to one of the elders of the village that he told me they were army ants that invade houses once in a while and fire or smoke was their weakness.

He also told me I could use chemicals too. I listened to him and stocked my house with chemicals, rags and cartons to set them ablaze anytime they came again and not only that, I was told to place the legs of the cages inside containers filled with oil so that the ants can not climb up the legs.

Actually, these methods worked well but it never healed the scar of having to lose more than fifty rabbits in one day. Have this army ants ever invaded your home before?

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