How To Become NNU Agent / Distributor

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Thousands of people join NNU Forum daily and they use e-pin to register.

To become a distributor / agent and earn daily commission, you will need to buy e-pin at wholesale price which is ₦1,200 per one pin. The minimum bulk purchase is 20 pins or more depending on your capability. Meaning 20 pins minimum at ₦24,000 and above. Thats what you can start with.

NNU Forum registration is ₦1,400 and that's the price you must sell to prospective members while you earn ₦200 profit per sales. If you sell below the fixed price, you will be removed from distributors list. Make sure you keep a good reputation by delivering e-pins on time to your prospects or buyers so they can get referrals and be buying from you as you also guide and encourage them. Also, don't keep members money without delivering e-pins else, if your bank account is reported, you are on your own.

Your name will be added to the list of distributors on the website so you can also be getting prospects / buyers from our general campaign / advert and also have proof for your prospective customers.

If you are interested and ready to start, pay to NNU founder UBA 2061041888 Paul Samson. After payment, send your proof of payment including sender name via whatsapp only

Once your payment is confirmed, bulk epins will be sent to you as reply via whatsapp. Thereafter, drop your name, your number and whatsapp link to be listed on the website.