How To Cure Ulcer Using Moringa Leaf (harbal Remedy)

How to cure ulcer using natural/ harbal remedy 2.

As you already know that ulcer has allot of stages therefore it most have a different harbal treatment as I post on my first post (I.e cure ulcer using Acarcia seed). 
If you use the first one and not work for you then you use this one as you don't know we're your success is from,
All those harbal remedies have tested and worked for different people and has no much side effects. 

Materials :-
1. moringa leaf 
2. Crusher 
3. Clean cup 
4. Spoon 
5. Peak Milk 

>> you find a moringa leaf and crushed it into cream including it's water (I.e greenish water from the moringa) 
.>> take your samples to a well ventilated place for air dry 
>> crushed the sample again into powdered form after air dry 
>> put one spoon of powdered moringa into a clean cup followed by putting your peak milk like quarter of one tin or one sachets if it's powdered one 
>> add water if it's powdered one with constant starring till it mixed very well 
>> take it three times a  day for like 3 to seven days 

Comments Reply
  • Oh yes, using moringa leaves to cure ulser really works. I once suffered from ulcer and even after using the prescribed drug (Omeprazole), there was no reduction in the pain. So a friend just told me about the moringa leaves and I tried it. All I did was to boil the already plucked moringa leaves. After boiling I drained the water out. That is, I separated the leaves from the water. Then drank the water and immediately my stomach went cool, as though ice cubes were dropped in my stomach. So of course it really works.  

    - Yahaya Emmanuel - 2019-11-27 20:45:41 Quote

  • This remedy is very good ,I have tried it before and to add to it ,taking alot of water very early in the morning before taking anything not even brushing the mouth,you take enough water everyday also aloevera drink help curing ulcer very fast ,and above all one should avoid leaving the stomach empty.

    - Sarah Okemuoma - 2019-11-28 12:48:19 Quote

  • This is indead a very good remedy, I am speaking from experience when I had ulcer I tried and it worked just between 2weeks that I started using the method and I also introduced it to my neighbor and it also worked for him, to add to drinking plenty of water especially first after waking up in the morning before brushing and eating anything will also help to cure the cancer faster.

    - Teslim Wahab - 2019-11-28 17:01:18 Quote

  • Moringa leaf is really a life saver o when it comes to its healing power, God have really endowed this our earth with this very wonderful plants, even when all this oyibo medicines doesn't seems to work out using moringa leaf and other natural plants like it works wonders

    - Abiodun Oyewole - 2019-11-29 19:55:02 Quote

  • Moringa leave has a traditional history of curing related human diseases and not just ulcer. However, it's quick curation as it has to do with ulcer is one thing that left much to be desired than imagined. 

    I have closer relations that tried Moringa and are today free from ulcer. I encourage anyone to try using Moringa for the purpose of treating ulcer, it is effective. 

    - Abdullahi Surajjdeen Attama - 2019-12-01 13:25:29 Quote

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