How To Cure Ulcer Using Natural /herbal Remedy

How to cure ulcer using natural/herbal remedy. 
This is the natural method of curing ulcer,  I use it and one of my friend and it worked, I have been taking numerous drug such as semetadine, umefrazole and many more but not work for me ,
Thanks God I hard about this herbal remedy that's why I decided to share it for others to see it.
1. Acacia nolitica seed (bagaruwa) 
2. Crusher 
3. Peak milk 

Method :- after you find your Acarcia nolitica seed wash it and crushed it into powdered form.
>>Find a clean cup and measure 1 (one) spoon of your remedy (Acarcia nolitica ) inside the cup
>> put quarter of peek milk or one sachets if it's powdered milk 
>>put some amount of water if it's powdered milk and with constant starring till you reach Homogeneous mixture. 
Just stare it if it's not a powdered milk and no need to add water
>>take it in the morning after your breakfast 
>>repeat the procedure every day for about seven (7) days. 
Note :- you are to prepare the amount you can take a day ( I.e you mixed what you can take instantly and prepare another one tomorrow) but you can prepare whatever amount of powdered Acarcia nolitica and keep it. 
Thanks for reading. 

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  • Yes this is so true and it also work with "plantain body pill" and I know it also works with peak milk no doubt  for the plantain body pill

    * find an unriped plantain pill remove the body and cook it for some time then drink the water before taking breakfast.

    Notice: is a native medicine.

    - Chigozie Onuzurike - 2019-11-09 08:46:40 Quote

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