How To Get Good Grades As A University Student

There are so many ways you can get straight A's in the university, I'll give you points to follow which i hope will help you in your various fields of studies. Below are some of the steps you can take to attain this level of academic success.

> Record The Lecturer's Teaching: Whenever a lecturer is in the class, do well to record his teachings. In most higher institutions the lecturer might not allow you to record them saying it's against their school ethics, do it secretly without their consent. When you record their lectures using your phone or a recorder it helps you understand better when you get home and you want to read, all you need to do is open to that page and play your recordings. As you read through and you listen to the recording, it gives you a better understanding of the topic, that way assimilation is guaranteed. 

> Get Past Questions And Answers: Another way to get an A is to get past questions from the senior colleagues in your department or faculty. When you do so, you will be able to set questions for yourself and you find out that you will become familiar with the question and also the answers when you see such in your exam questions it won't be difficult for you to answer.

> Always Jot And Tick Words/Sentences: What i mean here is that when an important point is said or pointed out, tick it in your textbook or handout, and if you don't have any of these you may simply write them down in your notebook or jotter. Because most times you tend to find them in your exams or test. Also, do well to underline as well and make sure you have a dictionary with you so as to help you look for those complex words you find in the textbook.

> Listen Attentively And Avoid All Forms Of Distractions: This is a very important factor which all students tends to fall victim of. Distraction is a straight path to failure, that's why one must avoid every forms of distractions and stay away from people or things that might get you distracted when lectures are ongoing. Distractions such as your peers, phones, social media, noise e.t.c.

> Procrastination: This is when you make up time to read or study and then something comes up and you postpone your reading for that thing. Most students are fond of such attitudes which is very bad and discouraging, if not managed and corrected on time, procrastination could end you up as a failure so i advice that you stop procrastinating in order to attain success in life. "Procrastination is a killer of success" (Avoid it).



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