How To Get Rid Of Bad Breath

Bad breath is caused by bacteria in the mouth of a person however many peoples bad breath can be attributed to poor mouth hygiene and bad breath can be very discouraging to people and friends it prevents people you know to start avoiding you .The person with bad breath can feel low self esteem and embarrassing  and the solution to such embarrassing moment will be put to an end just by following these simple steps

   Ways to  combat bad breath 

The following ways can be adopted to fight bad breath 

1.CHANGING TOOTH BRUSH : the first  way to combat bad breath is by changing toothbrush  regularly on a monthly basis 

2. USING HERBAL TOOTHPASTE : They are various herbal toothpaste that contains aloe Vera use them it will fight the germs causing bad breath 

3. SCRAPE YOUR TONGUE : while brushing your teeth make sure you scrape your tongue to remove dirts to keep a healthy breth

4.AVOID FOOD WITH SUGAR :drinking and eating food with lots of sugar can increase mouth odour

5.CHEWING GUM. Chewing gum helps to reduce bad breath because many gum contains menthol  which  help to fight mouth odour 

Follow these simple steps and then bad breath will gradually leave you and your breath will be restored 

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  • If u want to get rid of bad breath, i suggest you always brush your teeth daily, at least morning before breakfast and evening after dinner. Take sweets often, chewing gum, berries etc..

    And don't always keep your mouth shout, talk often, conversate with people, chat, laugh, don't close your mouth always. With this little tips, I guess with time you will get rid of bad breath.

    - Chuka Aneke - 2020-01-03 14:37:10 Quote

  • Bad breath sometimes may not actually be as a result of not brushing or taking too much candy,it can be health related so I suggest you see a medical personnel(maybe a dentist) if it persist even after doing the control measure that is brushing 3 times a day or reducing the intake of sugary things 

    - AGINAM ONYINYE - 2020-01-08 09:38:02 Quote

  • Causes of bad breath can also be as a result of poor hygiene of the mouth.for instance if  a person don't wash his mouth daily it can cause it or not washing the mouth properly

    And also caution the type of food you eat or drink  like drinking alcohol too much

    - Abdulsalam Opeyemi - 2020-02-02 12:44:06 Quote

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