How To Get Rid Of Cracks On Feet

Growing up, I was always afraid to wear sandals outside because I didn't want people to notice the cracks on my feet. And I kept peeling them so it was very painful for me to walk during the dry season. My mum tried using different methods to help me get rid of them but nothing worked. She once got me a lotion to apply but it didn't work either. All I did was to wash my feet very well with sponge to reduce the cracks. This  worked for a  while but the harmattan weather starts and it worsens during that period. 

But one day, I came across a video stating different ways to remove cracks and I decided to try 1 method in particular. Candle and olive oil solution. 

How To Use:

1.)  Slice the candle into a bowl. 

2.)  Then add the olive oil and mix very well. 

3.)  Rub the mixture on your feet. This method works best overnight. 

It's as simple as that, i know a lot of people are also suffering from feet cracking due to dry skin, weather conditions and sometimes medical challenges. If you are also facing the same challenges like me please endeavour to try the simple method stated above and watch out for results after few days/weeks of applications. My feet are free of cracks and I'm able to wear sandals comfortably. Also, try not to peel the cracks no matter how tempting it can be. Good lucks! 


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