How To Get Rid Of Stretch Mark

Stretch mark is something that most people get on their body either naturally or due to the reaction of body creams,or when pregnant.And they come in different colours. Some come in black colour while others are just like the your skin complexion.

These stretch mark are somehow embarrassing to most people as it wouldn't allow them dress the way they Rilly want and sometimes may look irritating. So that is why many people want them off their body and here is one of the ways to get rid of it.

The ingredients are:

1). Lemon

2). Colgate toothpaste

3). Red tomato

3). Sugar.

Method of mixture and application.

Pour one tablespoon of sugar in a bowl, add one tablespoon of Colgate toothpaste, mix very well. Add half slice of lemon juice and half slice of tomato juice. Mix all together until it is thoroughly mixed.

Take a small cut of cotton wool, deep in the mixture and apply on the area you have the stretch marks.

Apply and leave for 30minutes, then wash with cold water. Do this three times a week and for one month, you will see a good result.. I hope I have helped some here with this. Thank you.

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