How To Get The Best In Class

As I write, I will say that this issue that has to do with class is starting to become a series, but even if that is the case, is it not worth it?
Today, I have come to you today with this new article where I used to discuss ways to gain very well from classes. I believe we will agree with me that going or attending the class is not exactly to the point, but going to class, and being able to boldly and proudly say that one has gained one or two things from what the lecturer has said it has been saying. If it is possible to gain a lot from a attending a class, then it is possible that student attend classes too and they they come of the lecture room and utter words like "I don't even understand anything that the woman was saying", "I do not understand the course at all", these are the some of the utterances you hear in the mouth of students right after taking classes. This is evidence of absence of understanding, so as usual, let us discuss what to do, so that as a student, one will be able to gain the best in every class one attends.

1. Sitting in the front seat.
Some of us may not quite agree with this, but we can not, at the same time, deny the usefulness, importance of sitting right in front of the lecturer. Now, bringing it to an ordinary level, when you sit in the front, you can not play rough some rough plays as you would while you are at the back. When at the front, you have little difficulty pressing your phone as you would freely do when sitting at the back.

There is no way you are going to sit at the front sit and will still not hear what the lecturer is saying firsthand; that is, it is because you sat at the front, you are able to hear the lecturer's voice audibly, hear all the important points he drops after the lecture, hear any information and announcement passed across during the lecture. Let us ask ourselves this straight forward and sincere question, what category of students sit at the back? What are the things that happen at the back row when the lecture is going? All this being said, there is no way a student will not remember just one point, if not two, infact.

2. Arriving early to class.
Every good virtue works together. A serious student that arrives at the lecture venue early will sit in the front, but generally speaking now, it is very important to arrive early at classes, the lecturer may have said things that are very important and crucial, thereby, a student who is coming thirty minutes after the commencement of the class will automatically have to sit at the back where he won't learn anything. Also, students tend to rush frantically once they get to know that they are late, and so they arrive at the class, but they are already tore her and stressed out and within minutes, they are asleep and can't gain anything in that class.

3. Check the people you sit with.
This does not concern the fact that you put in the back row or front row right in front of the lecturer, or whether you come early or not. If you sit with the wrong people during a class, you will not gain anything. Once you happen to sit next to an Unserious person, a talkative, there is no way you too would not get distracted along the way and end up gisting away throughout all the class and end up with nothing to take home. Do not sin with someone who will always remember yesterday's party, do not sin with someone who will always see everyone's dressing, do not sit with someone who always wants to make jokes, chip in sweet talks whenever the lecturer is explaining. No, it does not work that way, such a student will gain nothing at the end of the day.

4. Take notes.
Some students say they are not the type that takes notes, yet they do not borrow notes from people after the class, they do not snap the clothes after class, they do not even read at all. Look, we are humans and we can cultivate any habit. Taking notes is so important and it is what everyone should learn to do. Those notes you have taken will be your backup generator when you are reading the course material or handout. It is from the notes you take that you discover that your lecturer has given an important point here. Taking notes is important and useful.

5. Put away your phone.
This actually involves discipline on the part of the student. Keep your phone in your bag until the end of the lecture, bring it out only when there is an emergency. This is not about where you sit now, you can press your phone anywhere you are seated. When I say "pressing phone",do not get me wrong, some folks might actually be browsing, they may be trying to learn about what the lecturer is teaching from the internet, but what about students that tend to check their social media accounts during classes?
As I stated, it involved discipline.

These are few key factors that can help a student to get the best out of any lecture he attends if he disciplines himself regarding some issues.


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  • This is very true, I discovered that for you to become the Best in your class it all depends on you, I also want to comment that phone is another dangerous factor that negatively influence students from reading their books, so it should be abhorred, student should also be mindful on the kind of people they sit with in the classroom, this is what really helped me. Thanks for reminding me and also advising us

    - VICTOR CHIKWENDU - 2020-01-30 16:14:13 Quote

  • To me, set your priorities right at all time if you want to get the best in Class. Do the right thing at the right time, be at the right place at the right time and be ready to put in your best in all you do. Be deligent and determine. With these few tips you shall get the best in class.

    - Oloruntade Isaac - 2020-02-07 08:25:24 Quote

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