How To Get Verified On Instagram ( The Blue Tick Mark)

Hi everyone, I’m going to be teaching you how to get verified on instagram in just 3 steps so let's begin. 

Firstly, what does verifying an Instagram account mean? It simply means building your Instagram acct. as the bona-fide, authentic and unquestionable presence of a Notable profile Figure, genuine account  holder of a Celebrity or Global business Band. 

Now let's dive into how to get verified .


Step one: Login 

Login to your Instagram account, if you have more than one Instagram account be sure to log in to the one you want to verify

Step Two: Request Verification

Go to your profile and tap the menu option at the top right corner of your Profile

Then click Settings and Tap Account next

Choose Request Verification


Step Three: Confirm Identity 

Fill in your account, information and which are 

Full Name, Name known as and the Category in which you base on then upload a copy of and Identity Card or Passport 

Then tap send.

Once you tap send Instagram will review your request and let you know if it's approved or declined.

Note: Submitting a request to get verified doesn't guarantee you'll get verified.

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  • Yeah, this verification is very important as itbkeeos away scammers and frauds

    But a lot of people still go about scamming using cheat methods and all

    Anyway, I have been verified. If you're on Instagram, you need tibgetbtour verification tixknas quick as you can

    - Joseph Lawrence - 2019-10-05 14:15:23 Quote

  • Instagram has a thing for disabling accounts easily. even after you verify and activate your account, make any small mistake and instagram will disable your account.i really dont think this is fair to the instagram users.i urge the management of instagram to look into this matter and make amends.

    - Ugwuodo Stanley - 2019-10-06 12:14:38 Quote

  • Instagram verification is very important but still, verified accounts on Instagram are now used to decieve people and smuggle money from them. I think those in charge of Instagram should do something about it

    - Iyk Nelly - 2019-10-06 18:32:36 Quote

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