How To Improve Your Singing Voice

Do you want to sound like these celebrity vocalists. Are you preparing for a vocal competition or you just want to enjoy yourself while singing. The rules written below have been proven by thousands of vocal coaches to work for singers in any genre of music.

First of all,we all know the type of country we live in so let's not imitate the white people. We have a very different weather and climatic condition, the pollution increase is getting out of hand especially for air pollution. All these factors were put in consideration when composing this essay. OK let's go down to business.

1. Enjoy singing: you cannot improve your music if you don't enjoy what you are doing. Enjoying your music will give you the zeal to keep practicing regardless of how hard it seems to be.

2. Don't try to be perfect if you are not: This is one of the greatest problems we have with singing. We are ashamed of our voice when we think its not good enough. We are always wondering what people will think about us. I think its time to put an end to that. Do things according to your ability, give it your best but if you are not there yet. Don't fake it. This doesn't mean that you shouldn't try.

3. Drink lots of water daily: As a singer in Nigeria that wants to stand out vocally, I think the weather conditions of this nation makes it compulsory for us to obey this rule. Don't ever feel dry before you drink water. You can carry a bottle of water to work or your daily activities to keep yourself liquidated.

4 Don't be lazy, do daily vocal exercises: Consistency is the key to perfection. You cannot improve your voice without vocal exercise. The more consistent you are,the better you get. Vocal exercises will make singing easy for you even if it is hard for others and it makes growth inevitable. 10 to 15 minutes of your day is not too much to sacrifice for your goal.

5. Rehearse: Rehearsals make you a complete singer. Vocal exercises are different from rehearsals. Rehearsals involves scoring of songs or imitating people's work to perfection. Scoring songs makes you as better as the singer. It improves your skills and stretches your limits. It even improves your over all performance on stage.

6. Flow with the trend, listen to music:  Listening to music helps you getter, it helps to improve your music ears and helps you flow with the latest trend. Get videos,performances,attend concerts, get musical friends, update your playlist regularly. All these will improve your general performance musically.

Finally, I believe I must have helped someone out there having difficulties with his or her music .



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  • An addition to this is taking warm water, it helps to clear the throat and makes our voice comes out and audible as well. 

    Another thing  is honey, it helps to make the song to be sweet and sound melody to the audience. 

    - Akeeb Aminat - 2019-10-28 17:07:48 Quote

  • Steps

    Learn proper singing posture. Most singing teachers suggest standing rather than sitting to achieve the best sound. ...

    Focus on your breath. ...

    Know your range. ...

    Warm up before you sing. ...

    Learn to recognize pitch. ...

    Practice singing daily. ...

    Get voice training regularly.

    - Ayodeji Richard - 2019-10-31 14:37:13 Quote

  • Almost everybody loves to sing. Although many people take singing lessons to improve their voice, you can develop your own style and confidence on your own, too. Start by getting in regular singing practice each day. This can be singing along with your favorite song or simply practicing your scales. Don't be afraid to get creative with your vocalizations. Taking care of your vocal health by not smoking and staying hydrated will also give you the best quality of voice

    - Emmanuel Oyeniyi - 2019-11-01 19:45:53 Quote

  • From my perspective i think there are steps to take in having an excellent vocal. Learn proper singing posture, focus on your breath, know your limit and tone, warm up before you sing saw this one in movies,practice singing daily as practice make perfect and avoid cold water, drink warm water.

    - Ehiosun Victory - 2019-11-03 09:59:01 Quote

  • You can also improve your singing voice by taking raw egg yolks. Do this like twice a week. Then you can also swallow half a banana whole to expand your vocal air passage. The kind of food you consume too is quite important, too much oils or cassava flakes(Garri) would not do much good.

    - Kolade Aboaba - 2019-11-03 22:10:12 Quote

  • First and forsmost we must understand that music is from the heart. There are categories of voices, there is the natural voice and the head voice. To improve the quality or the height of note you will be able to pitch you must take care of your vocal cord. You can do this by drinking warm water ( avoid cold water), avoid oily foods, take honey and fruits as often as possible. I think this little tips will help to make a better voice.

    - Olagoke Emmanuel - 2019-11-05 11:31:40 Quote

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