How To Know You May Have Reincarnated

Reincarnation means 'to be made flesh again after death'

There are several ways of knowing if we've once existed.

1.You have that strong intuition that just knows things people don't and have the ability to think deeply and see things from different perspective.

2.You very much enjoy your own private space, makes you have time for yourself, time to remember (see memories from past Life).

3.You feel more rooted to the earth,you have this deep love for nature will love to explore it,Try new things,religion,travel places,eat new foods and just have this connectivity with animals.

4.You my sometimes be in a place, event or a scene where you feel like it has all happened before but you know it's not possible probably because you haven't been there in your life, those are memories from your past lives.

5.You may have this unforeseen fear for something,like fear of falling down a building because you've felt it has happened before but you don't know where.

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  • I will also contribute to the effort of page inventor. For you to feel you have reincarnated, there are some highlighted confidence and boldness in every of your endeavour. You see life simple and easy to send and not do and die affairs. I think these are some attribute of individuals who feel reincarnated.thanks

    - Teleyem Mekilom - 2019-12-04 21:37:47 Quote

  • I really understand so well... My dad calls me Nne(my mother) and he makes me believe that I’m his mum. Telling me that the scar on leg was from her. Well... I really hope I won’t regret being her though... and note: I never met her. Sad

    - Nnenna Gift - 2019-12-13 18:08:08 Quote

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