How To Make A Healthy And A Spicy Shawarma

As we all know that Shawarma is a fresh vegetables combine together with either beef or chicken, mayonnaise and ketchup and other ingredients for spicing the taste. But most people(bakers) don't know how to go about making it rich and healthy enough for consumption which likely results to food poisoning.

I will be sharing with you guys on how to make a healthy and spicy Shawarma.    Firstly, when making Shawarma ensure that you wash your vegetable with salt and a treated water. Store all vegetable e.g cabbage, carrots, lettuce...etc in a refrigerator.

Wash and sterilized work table, before you start cutting your vegetable,and make sure you do the same thing after cutting to keep the environment clean from germs.

Use a white apron,and white towel when making Shawarma. Don't sharpen your knife and use immediately on vegetables is not hygiene, make sure you wash your knife with warm water and clean the edge very well. 


CHICKEN : Use  a whole chicken and make sure you deboned  very well, cook till it soft. Add chicken stuck powder, maggi, granulated pepper, salt ,  little garlic( for unique taste) blend your onions  and pour, Cook till dried up with minimal moist/sauce.

 BEEF : Use beef without fat,so you don't stress your teeth chewing fat gum. Seasoned for 30-40 minutes before cooking. Ingredients, maggi, granulated pepper,blended onions,salt, white pepper,beef seasonings.cook till very ver soft.


Shawarma bread is usually flat, open it and make cross duplicate. mix your vegetables with mayonnaise, ketchup, pinch of salt/sugar in a stainless bow then pour directly on the Shawarma bread and roll. After rolling ensure that you apply mayonnaise round the body before placing on the toaster. Enjoy it!

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  • This is so nice.. I have tried making sharwama before but it isn't as appetizing as this one sounds. Thank you for the information. I will try this out at home and enjoy with my family members and my friends in my house. 

    - Okafor Chigaemezu Ifeanyi - 2019-09-27 15:26:13 Quote

  • I don’t know why people just learn things within a day and then boom they’re already trying to market what they don’t even have experience on. I got this shawarma last night it was rubbish, I couldn’t eat it cause everything was just irritating, pls let’s try to review where we buy things from.

    - David Olatunbosun - 2019-09-27 16:02:45 Quote

  • Every time I think of shawarma my mouth begins to water. It is something I love eating cause its very tasty

    I would try making it at home with the steps you posted. I just hope mine will be like the ones I do buy

    - Daniel Asomugha - 2019-09-27 16:31:13 Quote

  • Everyd day we think of shawarma my mouth begins to water. It is something I admire eating cause its very tasty

    I would try making it at home with the orders you posted. I just hope mine will be like the thinhs do buy

    - DOLIPOP DOLIPOP - 2019-09-27 22:27:49 Quote

  • Shawarma is a traditional Turkish and Iran street meal,
    which has already become very popular on the whole
    planet. Nigeria is not an exception. Shawarma can be
    served as a sandwich or wrap, or on a plate. This dish is
    often eaten with fattoush, tabbouleh, tomato, and
    cucumber. Among the most popular toppings, there are
    tahini sauce, pickled turnips, hummus, etc.

    - Okoro chidiebere Henry - 2019-09-29 17:14:44 Quote

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