How To Make Your Relationship Last Longer With Four Points - Number 3 Is Very Impotant

I want to believe that this is not a strange or totally new topic to us, but even though there are many theories that surround the strengthening of relationships, yet relationships fail at a very young age.

You might have seen many inputs in books, online, from motivational speakers, from marriage specialists, from doctors, therapists, but yet the problem never ceases to stop. I wonder at times why such a thing is occurring, I wonder at times why we have this perpetual problem of people crying for heartbreaks, relationship problems, and I concluded that the cause is not far fetched.

The main aim of this article now is not to discuss why these problems happen and why is that? That is because problems can have one name, the causes can have thousands of names, so talking of the causes would only take all the time we have, so that is why we are going to talk about the practical, general solutions to this single problem of relationship failure. Read on...

1. Friendship.
Some couples stop being friends the day they begin to date each other, they stop being besties, they stop being BFFs, best friends forever and all they are after then is just lovers! Look, we can not deceive  ourselves, loving each other in a relationship can be boring at times, it can be really boring that it is exactly at such a time that there is no topic to discuss, there is no gist, why is that? It is because they no longer talk as friends, they no longer talk as best friends forever, all they do is talk as lovers and the real problem is when they run out of all the mouth watering topics that lovers discuss, they are left with nothing.

A wise man once said, it is best to find friendship and love in a single person, because it is only in such a condition that you can switch from being  friends to lovers and trust me, when one side starts to dry, you should easily swerve to the other.

2. Communication.
Many lovers have lots of misconceptions about relationships, especially in the area of communication. Some lovers substitute sex for communication, they go as far as solving quarters, arguments, with sex when they are actually supposed to sit each other down and iron things out.
Another aspect of communication in a relationship is the inability of either of the lovers to joke, talk, disturb, play, laugh with the other while in a relationship. Communication surrounds everything that has to do with the relationship between two people as far as love is concerned.

Lovers ought to discuss, they ought to joke, they ought to talk freely but what happens when there is no long night gist, late night chatting? Late night calls? All these things are spices to sweeten the food.

A relationship that lacks communication will lack joy
a relationship that lacks communication will lack good vibes
A relationship that lacks communication will lack understanding, and a relationship without these spices is liable to fall back to the ground.

3. Money.
Money is a necessary asset that helps maintain an already love filled relationship. Most people may not agree with this, they believe that love is most important, and they also believe that money is not everything, but I disagree, I say that money will solve 50% percent of whatever the problem is.

You and your spouse need money. The mindset we have is that a lady that complains when a guy is poor is a greedy lady, a thief and a glutton but is that the way it is in every case?
We stated earlier that communication is one of the things that holds a relationship from falling apart, when we say communication, we talk about couples going on dates, visiting places together, vacations together, but are these things possible without money? Even the guy may not know this and he may know but money is a major tool too in a relationship whether directly or indirectly.

4. Trust.
This applies to long distance relationships and close distance relationship dating. First thing is even in a close distance relationship, you can't always keep an eye on your lover at all times let alone a long distance relationship where you guys may not even see eye to eye for four or five months. What exactly works for you here? Money does not really do much, nor does communication (because at some point, the more time it takes, the stressful it becomes), then the only thing needed here is Trust!

Trust is an in-born power that everyone has, and also, can be given out at any time to anyone. When people become lovers, they are trusting each other not to go behind and cheat on them. It's like placing a bet on a football team before the match commence. It is mixed with a little bit of risk too.

So, even when time starts pulling you apart, work starts stretching the cord that holds you both together, distance starts pushing you guys apart and little iota doubts begins to grow, all you need is to Remember how you began, trust your partner and forge ahead.

I excluded love because my point of view is from another angle where I believe that the Two people involved are already in love and not just people who are crushing on each other or people who haven't defined their feelings and think it's love but rather, it is just an infatuation that will fade away in no time.

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  • It's very important to be best friends with your partner, you can't be in a relationship and your partner has another "bestie", if he/she claims to have one then you have to up your game

    Make he/she comfortable with telling you sensitive things and also reciprocate this act, don't judge, try to respect his/her point of view and caution them as lovingly as possible

    Show your partner that you're all in one😉

    - Adeleye Michael - 2020-01-31 09:10:18 Quote

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