How To Make Zobo Drink And How Much It Will Cost You.

Zobo is a dark-red drink which has so many benefits. Trust me this drink should be included into your family juice table. 

Ingredients for making family zobo drink and price-tags:

Zobo leaves =N100

Cloves or kanafuru=N50


Sweetener (orange, coke, pineapple) =N150

You can add garlic if you want (I really don't put that in mine, but you can put it if you like) =N20

Total money spent =N340(I.e including your garlic money) 


1. Wash your zobo leaves and cloves with clean water. 

2.put them in a neat pot, peel your garlic and ginger and dice them neatly. 

3.pour your diced garlic and ginger into the pot that contains the neatly washed zobo leaves and cloves. 

4.pour enough water into the pot (depending on the quantity of juice you want to make{just make sure the water pass the zobo level]}) 

5.stire, put on your gas or stove or firewood then put your pot on fire and allow it to boil. 

6.when it must have boiled turn off the fire and allow your juice to cool a little for easy separation.

7.sieve to seperate The juice from the leaves. Dispose the leaves and keep the juice. 

8.pour in your sweetener, stir and put your juice into your prefered container.

Your juice is ready best served when cold or chill. Sit back and enjoy.  



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