How Do You Prevent Yeast Infection

UTIs are beginning to eat deep into our waters as a nation, even literally. We fear to use public toilets so as not to get itchy moments later.

Besides careful use of public bathroom there are other ways to prevent this uncomfortable situation;

- Washing after with water. According to recent research it's not safe to use soap or anything with a lather substance to wash the pubic area as the [email protected]@ cleans itself and it only needs water. After peeing, wash well with water to prevent underlying germs clinging on to you.

- use wipes instead of tissue. Many people make this mistake of using tissue paper to clean even after releasing bowels. Tissue papers carry bacteria on their own especially when not properly stored or processed. Use wet wipes to clean off in the absence of water.

- use anti-fungal creams once in a while. Most people use it after they get the infection but using them at least twice in a month can serve as a preventive measure too.

- the use of coconut oil and Shea butter. This is for all the naturals in the house as some people get reactions to antifungal creams. Coconut oil with it's natural anti bacterial agents has been proved to fight off the fungus and leaving the area with that fresh coconut smell

- try to eat fibrous foods as they help in keeping your body strong against underlying bacteria.

And lastly mind what you eat!

Do you have methods that have worked for you? Share in the comment section!

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  • This is quite informative. The cause of yeast infection is a  bacterial infection. Keeping clean  washing with water is the most effective way to prevent the infection for both male and female. Avoiding  the use of contaminated toilet is also important.

    - Henry Moore - 2019-09-25 16:34:02 Quote

  • ​The most important thing is to avoid SELF MEDICATION, go to the hospital for proper diagnosis and treatment, some people end up using the medication for the wrong illness, stop doing oversabi..the wrong use of drugs makes the disease to become Inactive in the body after which it reoccurs again and in severe cases wrecking havock in the body.

    - Ola Mercy - 2019-09-25 18:34:09 Quote

  • Interesting, thanks so much for this educative articles, have been battled with infection for so long have been to different hospital but to no avail.

    I will try and practice all this you've said and I pray its work out.

    Thanks once again.

    - Adegoke Nofisat Ayobami - 2019-09-25 19:15:43 Quote

  • Keep your vaginal area dry, especially after a shower.
    2. Wipe from front to rear after using the toilet .
    3. Switch to looser-fitting cotton underwear.
    4. Change wet bathing suits after a swim.
    5. Avoid tight-fitting jeans or pantyhose.

    - Omotolani Ruth - 2019-09-25 19:22:05 Quote

  • This is quit educative especially now we lack alot in our educational section and I am glad many still believe in researching and this is so good to our day to damn live..

    I am grateful to see such information here and please keep updating us.

    - Obalu Johnkennedy Kenechukwu - 2019-09-25 20:35:45 Quote

  • Thanks for the information, it's very useful. I'm not very familiar with the infection but I will keep in mind all what you have said. And I thought the most important thing is to maintain personal hygiene.

    - Aliyu Gana Aliyu - 2019-09-25 21:15:51 Quote

  • Wow this is quite helpful I never knew that coconut oil and Shea butter can be used to prevent yeast infections, this will go a long way to help people around me. Cleaning your toilets regularly with disinfectant can help reduce the rate of catching yeast infections also. 

    - Idi Grace - 2019-09-25 21:49:47 Quote

  • I also heard that the use of soap, deodorants, etc in the pubic area also contribute to yeast infection. Personal hygiene will really go a long in helping to minimize the outcome of yeast infection

    - OVIOJIE HAPPY - 2019-09-25 21:52:42 Quote

  • More ways one can prevent yeast infections 

    Wear breathable underwears

    Keep things loose

    Don't douche

    Avoid hot tubes and extra hot baths 

    Change out of wet clothes

    When you on your period, change out your pads, tampons and panty liners often 

    And use antibiotics only when you have to

    By doing all this, one will be totally free from getting infected 

    - Adaranijo Muhammad Toha - 2019-09-26 02:07:02 Quote

  • yeast infection is first of all,yeast is a fungus that is naturally present in your lovely vagina,and it's not harmful in and of itself.
    We have so many ways to prevent yeast infection such as:
    1.Consume More Probiotics

    2.Switch To a Birth Control That Doesn't Contain Estogen

    3.Wear Cotton Underwear

    4.Stay Away From Scented Feminine Hygiene Products And Soaps

    5.Clean Your Vagina Often

    6.Consider Natural Remedies

    7.Sleep More

    8.Eat Healthy Diet.

    - Dalhatu Halliru - 2019-09-26 05:51:23 Quote

  • Yeast is a fungus which has a very rapid and multiple growth especially in wet surfaces. Some people especially ladies make a mistake of wearing nylon pants which makes their private part always wet thereby increasing the chance of yeast infection.

    - Chinwe Okeke - 2019-09-26 08:51:33 Quote

  • Even though most yeast infections don’t necessarily need treatment, they can be annoying and uncomfortable. It’s best to see a healthcare professional. Once they have confirmed that you have a yeast infection, they can give you creams to help with the itching and burning. They might also give you oral tablets to treat the yeast overgrowth. By

    - Junior Louis - 2019-09-26 10:10:37 Quote

  • Right now yeast infection is a problem to me ,I have coconut and Shea Butter too will try them,but I used anti fungal creams they work like magic in a day .

    - Oluwayemissi Elizabeth Oyenuye - 2019-09-27 01:03:16 Quote

  • I think one of the most potent ways to combat yeast infection is to observe cleanliness at all times. Bathe properly and used prescribed soaps to wash designated parts of the body so you can be safe from all these infections flying around 

    - Victor Oladele - 2019-09-27 11:21:49 Quote

  • They are some three category of infection

    Some infection u we treat it and u we be okey 

    And some infection u we treat it is just manage it 

    Some u we treat it u we no have any surf for it

    - Oseni Habeeb - 2019-09-27 11:39:36 Quote

  • To prevent yeast infection one Should avoid putting on silk panties or tight cloths.always go on cotton panties and change the undies at least twice a day after bathing

    - Ukaha Edith - 2019-09-27 11:53:04 Quote

  • There are ways to prevent it that are even cheaper with the help of these combination, ginger, galic detol liquid, lemon lime and hot water, after adding it all to hot water you will put your private part close to the hot water, it will kill the growth when you continue to do it for a while you will see changes.

    - Ibrahim Jamiu habibat - 2019-09-28 16:13:22 Quote

  • Though yeast infection symptoms can be annoying, the infection, known medically as vulvovaginal candidiasis, is rarely dangerous.
    We can take the following preventive measures to prevent yeast infections :
    1. Eating of balance diet can help get rid of yeast infections. 
    2. Practice good hygiene and wear good and clean clothes.
    3. Avoid sprays and bath products that has strong smell
    4. Avoid drugs abuse. 
    5. Maintain proper diet, sleep, and exercise.
    6. Keep your private part clean and dry.

    - Olowookere Oluwapelumi - 2019-09-28 21:07:55 Quote

  • There's this say: prevention is better than cure, since it can be contaminated through sexual intercourse, is better to prevent it and aslo use of public toilet, is good to have you own toilet with your family but when you got to a situation that you share with people you need to keep the toilet clean and also wear a neat underwears

    - Iloka Nneka - 2019-09-29 02:07:11 Quote

  • I believe you have almost said it all. We should try to be healthy and keep our surroundings and environment free from germs and all bacteria. We should always wash our underwears property and constantly change our toothbrushes regularly. We should also change our sponge and towels from time to time. If we do all this, I believe we will all be free from germs and bacteria. 

    - Okafor Chigaemezu Ifeanyi - 2019-09-29 10:07:31 Quote

  • That’s the thing about we people we believe in our own self medication which is bad.

    The best thing is to go straight to the hospital and complain about it so that the person inffected will be given proper medication dignosis 

    - Owolabi Tobi - 2019-09-30 21:02:29 Quote

  • This type of infection can be really deadly and I advise anyone reading this to always protect themselves during intercourse and mind the type of toilet they make use of.

    I was a victim of fungal infection. I spent a whole lot of money trying to treat myself because the itching is very severe.

    If by chance you fall a victim of any infection, I advise that you first consult your doctor first so that it can be tackled properly and avoid self medication. It's very bad and it won't help you. I tried it

    - Nwankwo Kingsley - 2019-10-01 20:58:18 Quote

  • Alot of people have this nowadays and they don't even know. We should checkup regularly and go to a doctor if we feel anything unusual about our body. I have had it before and the itching and burn were torturing. That's why I avoid a public toilet as much as I can. 

    - Afolayan Omotola - 2019-10-02 19:11:27 Quote

  • Thanks for this information. It's so captiviting! As a lady, using another toilets should not make you comfortable atal. Avoid splashing of the pot's water up to your buttocks. It can breed bacterial yeast too.

    - Olayinka Oluwafemi - 2019-10-02 21:18:48 Quote

  • Yeast infection prevention, eating a well balanced diet.eating yogurts or taking supplement with lactobacillus. Wearing natural fibers such as cotton, linen, silk, washing underwear with hot water.replacing feminine products frequently..

    - Blessing Orogun - 2019-10-02 22:34:18 Quote

  • It is dangerous to use public toilet without having clean water with you,but thanks for d lecture because have been killing myself since all this while ,I always use soap to wash my viginal which I don't know is not good.thank you very much am very grateful

    - Sarumi Kadijat - 2019-10-02 22:51:33 Quote

  • Avoid tight underwear, leggings or pants, which aren't breathable. This  promote moisture and increase the temperature of your genital aera making it a breeding ground for bacteria and fungus. Health is life.

    - Aibangbee Expensive - 2019-10-02 23:59:05 Quote

  • Thanks for the information I don't really know much about yeast infection but now I know how to prevent it from even occuring. This is quite informative and educative thanks so much for the post I will share with friends and family

    - Heritage Lapite - 2019-10-03 00:48:35 Quote

  • From experience, I realized that sleeping with underwear or tight clothing can cause infection, it is advisable to sleep without anything sometimes so that you don't feel heat down there. Please wipe from front to back after using the toilet, wiping from back to front caries germs from the bum to the v*[email protected] And wear mostly underwears with cotton material.

    - Ashley Victor - 2019-10-03 00:50:44 Quote

  • Dont use soap directly to wash your private parts but instead put the soap in a bowl of water make the water mildly soapy then use it to wash yourself and remember to rinse properly.

    Also dry your panties in hot sun or use a hot iron to kill the bacterias on the pant with heat.

    - Babatunde Wuraola - 2019-10-03 01:59:57 Quote

  • This is really alarming

    Also underwears sanitization can also prevent this infection. Regular sun drying of underwears help get rid of underlying bacteria on them which is also a safety measure. 

    - Akande Esther - 2019-10-03 19:09:10 Quote

  • This is a very informative article, the level of people living with uti and infections is very alarming. More light should be thrown into that aspect.

    1. More prevention and trust should be done becuase they are many people living with infections.

    2. Health care centers should also enhance better treatments  and should also have good facilities too.

    - Okperigho Ofejiro blessed - 2019-10-04 19:59:42 Quote

  • Putting on wet panties can also causes viginal infection. Also making sure we wear underwear that allows air to pass through so as to make the viginal dry and free from germs. Avoid using soap and water in washing the viginal, it's advice able to use only clean water. And mostly keep good hygiene especially around the private part and take good diet.

    - Moses Deborah - 2019-10-04 21:40:24 Quote

  • Another thing I've discovered is not giving it space to breath. Heat encourages yeast infection down there so use loose clothing to sleep and no pants when at home, it goes a long way. 

    - Santana Santana - 2019-10-04 21:48:23 Quote

  • How to prevent yeast infections. 

    Just an addition the use of strong antibiotics like ampliclox causes yeast infections because the antibiotics is strong and it main function is to break down the cell wall and destroy the cell wall of the bacteria responsible for the infection you have in this process it kills the good bacteria in the normal flora and then you start itching or having discharges. 

    - Adeonigbagbe Anuoluwapo Ibhade - 2019-10-05 23:05:44 Quote

  • Oooo

    I think everyone should be conversant with where they use

    Because it is mainly in the public you ll find all these

    And daily cleaning of the bathroom and toilets will be of great help

    - Chisom Constance - 2019-10-13 17:14:25 Quote

  • Oooo

    I think everyone should be conversant with where they use

    Because it is mainly in the public you ll find all these

    And daily cleaning of the bathroom and toilets will be of great help

    - Chisom Constance - 2019-10-13 17:14:29 Quote

  • It might not be possible for all women to prevent Yeast Infections, but here are some things you can do to lower the odds : Wear breathable underwear, Keep things loose, Avoid Hot tubs and Extra Hot Baths, and also change out of wet clothes. I hope these steps is helpful to someone reading out there.

    - Osita Olisa - 2019-10-13 18:09:20 Quote

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