How To Recover Your Lost Or Stolen Phone

How I Went Through The Recovery Of My Stolen Phone.

It was my third year in university and I had just bought myself a new Samsung S6 edge. I was very happy and fulfilled because it took me a total of eight months to save up every money I got to buy the brand new phone. My roommates and close friends who knew my ordeal during the times I was still saving congratulated and rejoiced with me because they knew the pain, struggle, suffering I went through before I could not the phone. As a matter of fact, some of them even advise me to withdraw cash from the money I was saving at the time when I was in urgent need of money for somethings, but I did not bulge, neither did I change my mind about my decision concerning the phone I wanted to buy, and eventually, it all became a testimony today.
After three weeks, all the attention had reduced and my phone was no longer freaking anyone anymore, unlike before, if anyone saw that the phone, they would always want to handle it, snap pictures with it and just check it out generally but all of that had reduced now, and to be honest, I was happy for that, because I was beginning to get worries that if the phone drew too much attention, thieves may catch wind of the "latest phone in town" and come after me, but unknown to me, they had already catch wind of it and as a matter of fact, they were after my phone already.

I was in my host on this fateful day. It was on a Wednesday evening around 5pm and I had just finished reading so I decided to rest a little and that was how little rest turned into a deep sleep with my phone and book beside me and not only that, the door was not locked but it was not opened.

It was during the time that I slept that someone sneaked in and stole my phone but left the books. I woke up a few hours later and as my custom, the first thing I looked around for was my phone but I could not find it so I believe I must have slept on it but when I stood up from the bed, it was not there too. Quickly, I got up, looked around but it was not where to be found, I scattered the entire room in less than a 4 minutes but no matter what I did, I could not find the phone anywhere in my room to I rushed out to the hall, called four of my friends and they gathered around me. I explained to them the "dream" that is starting to become reality gradually. Immediately, my friends dashed into my room, began to burn the whole place upside down, one of them was busy calling my lines but it had been switched off.

After calling and searching for the phone for an hour, it dawned on me that my new phone had been stolen. My head was spinning dangerously, my stomach was turning upside down, I was feeling cold and I was sweating at the same time. My friends left me and I was all alone.
I felt lost and weak and all I could think of was the money I saved, the time I spent putting all the money together? Is that how all would go to waste? My heart was shattered already.
Later in the evening after all hope was lost, I reported to the porters in my hostel, they collected every information they needed, submitted proofs and some other things before they told me they would work on it and that was all, I never heard anything from afar them.

For two good days, I was without a phone, I was sad and downcasted but I still believed in God that something good would come out of this bad and ugly situation.

I borrowed a friend's to call my parents because they have been worried sick after trying to reach me but my number was not going through. I broke the news to them and they screamed, my mum broke down in tears as she urged me to trust God and go back to my daily life. My dad encouraged me too and told me to pray about it and with that, I ended the call and went back to my room.
I'm in my room, I lay down on my bed, I tried to sleep but I couldn't, the thoughts on my heart were just so much, and so I began to pray. Funny enough, I didn't even pay for my phone. After the prayer, I slept off and I had a dream; I'm the dream I saw myself pasting an advert on the billboard of my hostel, the advert was about a phone.

When I woke up, I didn't understand the dream, I had different thoughts, eventually, I printed out an advert "I need a Samsung S6 edge cash ready" and then I dropped my friend's number underneath it. I was surprised at what I printed but I was taking a leap of faith.

Two days later, my friend rushed into my room, said someone called him saying he wants to sell a Samsung S6 edge and it was a new phone. I asked him to go while I followed behind closely, lo and behold, it turned out to be my stolen phone.

To cut the story short, we apprehended the guy, and he revealed that he stole the phone six days ago and he tried to sell it for money.

That was how I recovered my stolen phone.

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