How To Survive In A Nigerian University As An Undergraduate.

Gaining admission into a prestigious federal university happened to be one of my greatest achievements so far. I felt I have arrived and nothing could stop me. I was on top of my world, little did I know it was going to be a very rough ride. God! Being in the university taught me alot. A lot that I didnt just learn in my normal classrooms but with every encounter and experience I had with each soul I came across in the university. 

This post is meant to encourage anyone that's aspiring to gain admission into a Nigerian university. It's not going to be easy but I'll share tips that could help you maximize your stay in the university. 

Firstly, always remember why you're in the university.  Try to read your books and make good grades. Turn in your work on time so as not be late on deadlines as this can cause anxiety and discomfort .

Secondly, socialize positively. Attend functions that would build your person; intellectually and otherwise. Make friends that impact positively to your life. Because in the long run, it would shape you.  Learn new skills outside the classroom.  This means you have to begin to inculcate survival skills into you.  Learn to make money and save as well.

Get new hobbies that make you happy. Join social organisations that would build you and prepare you for tomorrow.  Be careful while joining such organisations so as not to join the ones that would influence you wrongly. Never walk around without any means of identification to avoid security harassment. 

Finally, never depart from God.  Ensure to join a bible believing church or group as your faith leads you and put your trust in him. I bet with these little tips,  you'd excel greatly in a Nigerian university.

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  • Also make good use of your time, nowadays we dont say work hard in school but rather work smart, do your assignment as soon as they are giving make reading  your passion and a habit, develop a sense of competition, thats what makes many people graduate with flying colours, dont settle with low GP points, Aim 5

    - Musbahu Shehu - 2019-12-19 10:50:41 Quote

  • School is a very interesting thing in life but my advice to undergraduate is never to let school pass through you but rather pass through school, being smart in school is very necessary and being time conscious in your assessment and daily activities, having a group discussion also helps in gaining a good grade and above all pray to God in everything you do.

    - Chigozie Lydia - 2020-01-02 12:02:04 Quote

  • As a student in other to do well in school it's good and advisable to always attend lectures and also in time because once you miss a particular lecture you have missed it and it's hard seeing a lecturer repeating a  course that has been treated already. Its better to follow up early to avoid regrets.

    - Onuigbo Vivian - 2020-01-25 22:42:26 Quote

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