How To Use Rice Water To Make Your Hair Longer And Fuller

Rice water has a lot of nutrients that are good for hair growth. It consists of a number of chemical elements like magnesium and vitamins like niacin, thiamine, and so on

It help to grow hair faster than taking these nutrients orally. 

How to use it 

After applying your shampoo and your conditioner as usual, add the rice water to your hair and leave it for about an hour. You can cover it with a cap .

How to get the rice water, soak a cup of rice in a cup of water for about 8-24 hours, as long as you want. Then sieve the rice out. It's the water you need. Or cook the rice in water for a number of minutes, when the water colour changes to white, you can take the water you need.

Personally, i have tried it. And it works. When I heard people say it, I wonder that which one is this one again, using rice water. I didn't know till I tried it

Try it and you would not regret it.

If you have other natural methods of growing hair, please share with us

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  • I have heard about these method but i never knew it actually worked.  I will try this method now, really hoping till eill work for me ohh. Buying of expensive haircreams has not been easy and they don't really work sha. Goodluck to me

    - Temitope Ogungbemi - 2019-10-02 18:16:20 Quote

  • really I have been wasting my rice water since all this days, you know some things that we thought is useless sometimes are actually useful for what we pay heavy amount of money for, that is very informative post thanks for sharing. This nnu is sharing some daily information that we really need to know and am enjoying is, thank to the founder for creating this type of platform where we can make money and still be informed

    - Afolayan Abolaji - 2019-10-02 18:20:56 Quote

  • I have used this treatment before it helps the growth of your hair and prevent it from dandruff. It's also need to ferment the water in a bottle for, 24hours before use. Cover for like an hour or according to your time you can. No adverse effect. Thanks

    - Omolara Akadiri - 2019-10-02 18:24:15 Quote

  • I am hoping this has no side effect because we all know that even too much of something at times is not advisable. However, I commend you a lot for taking your time finding this helping tip out. #kudos

    - Funke Grace Fapohunda - 2019-10-02 19:37:15 Quote

  • Of a truth, there are different natural method have came across a few on the net. One of them was onion juice of which i tried for several weeks, but all effort to no result. But coming across this now i would like to give it a trial since you are a direct testimony source. I hope it works for me this time though. 

    - Billy John - 2019-10-02 19:45:19 Quote

  • I have tried it personally nd have seen it's effects...I also have friends who are happily using it.

    As per side effects, it's a natural hair booster which does not pose any harm and you can control how often you use it just for your convenience 😊

    - Abubakar Raliyah - 2019-10-02 19:46:51 Quote

  • I am hoping this has no side effect because we all know that even too much of something at times is not advisable. However, I commend you a lot for taking your time finding this helping tip out. #kudos

    - Ezeh Somtoo Emmanuel - 2019-10-02 20:04:55 Quote

  • this is a nice tea and rice has a very good side effect cause if your phone got wet then you can put it inside the rice don't own me to don't off it's just if it won't say what I just put it inside the rice for like 8 or 4 hours after the water is train then you can remove it and driving so nervous or maybe I'll blow it with your blower I guess that will work and it's very good I really love it

    - Abubakar Sadeeq Salihu - 2019-10-02 20:20:30 Quote

  • Regular use of rice water has many benefits for hair – it helps to remove dandruff, strengthen the strands, stimulate their growth, give vitality, and significantly improve their appearance. The composition  of rice water is rich in vitamins, especially b and c.. There is no much side effect to it but women with dry scalp should not over it because the decoction have drying effect 

    - Adegoke Afeez - 2019-10-02 20:25:18 Quote

  • I hope its not going to be bad oo

    I hope this works because I need to make my hair longer though my hair is long already but I need it longer for the kind of hairstyle I want to do

    - Joseph Lawrence - 2019-10-02 20:26:46 Quote

  • Hmmmm rice water!!!

    I do not recommend this at all cause they say it has some side effects on d hair and I have personally tried it and it was a complete waste of time 

    - Uchenna George - 2019-10-02 20:35:19 Quote

  • This is really amazing. Rice water now turn to hair fertilizer. If it could be this nutrition to the hair then why is it that we do use to pour it's water away when we are cooking it. Is it not that we are pouring the vitamins that use to do us good from the rice all because we r preventing not to have pile.?

    - Dairo Idowu - 2019-10-02 20:40:47 Quote

  • I once heard about this rice water and gave it a try,but I didn't get a positive result as expected.I usually let the rice to ferment even though I add some peel off lemon but still it smells.I then apply it with a spray bottle and leave overnight.

    - Hannatu Isqeel - 2019-10-02 20:46:26 Quote

  • Here this is,really good and have no side effect ,rice water also help in skin infection and cost nothing because it can even be given for free and can be preserve in the refrigerator

    - Taiwo Itunuoluwa - 2019-10-02 20:55:57 Quote

  • It may have side effects or may be some people have reactions or allergies that have negative effects. It may be good for some people and may be bad forbsome people.

    - emeka ofuonye - 2019-10-02 21:12:37 Quote

  • Ohh.. thanks very much. But am wondering, is there any particular type of rice that need to be used. Because obviously, not all type of rice can be used. Maybe there is a type of product that can be used

    - Ealefoh Adesuwa - 2019-10-02 21:17:58 Quote

  • Doesn't it has any side effects? Well eating the right food also helps hair grow longer .having long ,strong hair doesnt just depend on which product you put on your hair ,it also depends on What you put into your body.To promote hair growth,you need to feed the hair from the inside.Try improving your protein intake with foods like fish,beans,nuts And whole grains

    - Tunde Bashiru - 2019-10-02 21:18:42 Quote

  • I personally used this for my hair and not only did it make my hair longer but Fuller and softer.

    I always had issue with my hair. It hurts a lot anytime I braid it to the extent that i cut it twice. I was going to cut it when I someone told me to try rice water and I did. It worked like magic before I knew it my hair was so soft to the extent that I could leave it for days and it wouldn't hurt when I eventually try to comb it.

    - Babatunde Wuraola - 2019-10-02 21:22:15 Quote

  • I don't think this has been scientifically proven and may have some negative influence. For those that may want to try,please be careful. Maybe you can get a hair sample and try it on it and see the result it will produce.

    - Emmanuel Agbasielo - 2019-10-02 21:34:46 Quote

  • Wow, I've never heard of this before...but I'll be more than willing to try it because my hair doesn't seem to be growing as fast as I want it to...I hope it works for me, thanks.

    - Joseph Febabor - 2019-10-02 21:46:37 Quote

  • Well, I have heard about this rice water treatment but I never took it serious, but with your detailed explanation now I will like to try it

    i hope it doesn't have side effects e.g changing of hair color 

    Thanks for sharing the tips

    - Lims Jr - 2019-10-02 21:47:39 Quote

  • This is amazing

    But first things first, I just hope it has no side effect, because I believe if it does, the side effect on the hair won't be friendly

    Secondly, If it does not have any side effect on the hair, then I just hope an entrepreneur gets to see this new hair innovation, he/she is gonna capitalize on this opportunity and make a huge living form it, am very sure of that.

    - Osas Nice - 2019-10-02 21:48:02 Quote

  • Using such water for a purpose discussed, does it not have a later effect on the hair, and I stand to also challenge the opinion, cux all hairs has no same texture and may not work for all, but few ones. Alovera still remains a very vital hell that encourages hair growth and I know people who  use it, it works for them. 

    - PETER MMADUEKE - 2019-10-02 21:55:54 Quote

  • I really hope, this remedy works, cause there are lot of things that can damage the hair, so we have to be be very careful trying apply anything on our hair, but I will try this remedy and see if it's going to work.

    - Ebeta Joy - 2019-10-02 21:57:04 Quote

  • Wow!. Thank you for this useful information. I would have to give it a try and to think that it is a natural solution without any chemical to be added makes it very less prone to bringing up side effects.

    - Ndukwe Ikechukwu - 2019-10-02 22:07:39 Quote

  • I hopes  this those not have a side effect on the human hair because I have not heard it flares anything like this but I will give it a try and also let people know about it who know where the money will come from 

    - Osho Olawale - 2019-10-02 22:21:30 Quote

  • I pray it works out without side effect, though I have heard about the use of rice water to grow the hair, but won't it effect my hair or cause my hair to start cutting while combing

    Secondly is it before the rice gets cooked is when we should use the water or the waste water after cooking

    - Owolarafe Olalekan - 2019-10-02 22:28:05 Quote

  • Wow, never heard this before. We learn everyday. Science at work. I think this article is for the women who carry hair. Though some men who keeps natural hair also need it. You have to try it because I believe no post rubbish here. All the article here are correct. Well tested and trusted. Kudos to the author of this

    - Onwa Matthew - 2019-10-02 22:33:13 Quote

  • Wow, I'll try out this technique , it seems unique.

    Thanks to nnuforum for this platform, I've really learnt a lot this few days.

    I'll try the rice water technique as soon as possible.

    - Chibunna Ugwu - 2019-10-02 23:07:38 Quote

  • I have tried it before and the result was really nice... But one thing I didn't like was the conc smell from water though I used the fermentation (soaking the rice) should try really really good for deep conditioning

    - Isichei Precious - 2019-10-02 23:19:01 Quote

  • Thats nice and I have been throwing away the rice water form my cooking all these while withiwi kniknow that it is still useful. Thanks for this and I will try it to see the outcome.

    - Eze Collins Obinna - 2019-10-02 23:51:12 Quote

  • The long awaited information I have been searching for is here, thank you so much for this great update shared here. I will try it out right away,  no time. I love long hair.

    - Christogonus Uneze - 2019-10-02 23:55:22 Quote

  • Wow...I just decided to scroll down through some old news and I saw this helpful info .this could actually save me from wasting my money on fake products that doesn't even work. Nnuforum is really a people the opportunity to share ideas.thanks Paul Samson

    - Daniel Gabriel - 2019-10-03 00:03:24 Quote

  • Really!!! Wow just hearing about this for the first time, and hope it quickens hair growth. Because have never heard of this method of using rice water to improve hair growth. I would really love to try it out but I have just a question hope this doesn't have a side effect. I mean hope there isn't any damage that it Amy cause to my body or health??

    - Joseph Olatunji - 2019-10-03 00:05:03 Quote

  • Wow. That really good to hear. I actually haven't heard anything of such, just hearing it for the first time and I hope it's really effective because have been trying all kinds of hair cream in other to help my hair growth but all to no avail. Am going to try this method and I hope it would be great. If it's works perfectly well, I would always recommend it for my friends. But I have a question, hope there is no side effect in this, I mean hope it won't affect my body or health?

    - Daniel Gabriel - 2019-10-03 00:31:37 Quote

  • Wow 

    Amazing things that can be done just with a use of basic natural resources and herbs these days, a whole lot needso to be more organic rather than chemicals of all sorts that are rampant these days

    - Ezekiel Ayomide - 2019-10-03 01:28:22 Quote

  • There is nothing i won't here o. My question is, can it make someone to have beard too because someone need to join the beard gang urgently.

    And again, can it also make bald head to gather small hair? Asking for  someone. I wish you can reply me

    - Obiora Anieke - 2019-10-03 01:55:05 Quote

  • Are you serious using rice water for hair growth,L think l have to try it my self and see the results,Nice teaching,I think l will start using it in my shop,if it they confirm is good l will be the happiness woman on earth 

    - Enebeli Vivian - 2019-10-03 02:00:12 Quote

  • Wow wow wow.. I'm really amazed when I found out rice water can still be use for another great purpose. I've been wasting the water rice that can help in my hair growth all this while. I'm really grateful for this information being shared and as well as the forum too because without it, there's no way this vital information will be published 

    - Adaranijo Muhammad Toha - 2019-10-03 02:29:36 Quote

  • Wow! So rice water is very useful for the hair so much like this. I think it's high time one started conserving this water for further use. Thank you for this enlightenment. But I also heard rice water can be use specially to treat some ailment, I am not sure of the tuype of ailment. Can someone talk on this?

    - Ibukun Isaiah - 2019-10-03 02:55:11 Quote

  • Really long hair is beautiful and all, but it can be hard to get. Either you shell out for removable fake hair, or you undertake the painstaking process of growing your own out. The latter is more cost-effective, but requires a lot of willpower and a comfort with the passage of time — both of which are usually in short supply.
    If you want to be rid of your Chalamet haircut or own an all- natural ponytail that skims your butt, there are a few things you can do to help the process along. First, mentally prepare yourself do a lot of waiting. Seriously — hair grows up to half-an-inch a month max, and that’s if it and you are both in prime condition. It’s gonna take a while. Next, follow these 15 hair-growth tricks that will nudge those leisurely hair follicles in the right direction.
    1. Stop demonizing scissors
    2. Study your shampoo bottle
    3. And maybe spend less time with it
    4. But keep conditioning
    5. Stop doing that towel thing
    6. Brush up on how to brush
    7. Then give your hair some space
    8. Learn to love low ponytail
    9. Sleep on silk
    10. Chill out
    11. Try massaging your scalp
    12. And treat your scalp like your face
    13. Eat some gummies if you want
    14. But eat regular food too
    15. Consider outside forces.

    - Isomkwo Clement - 2019-10-03 03:30:40 Quote

  • Wow really for many years I have been wasting my rice water not knowing it helps in hair growth boosting and it is more effective than all this chemical creams because it is natural. But won't it make your hair smell?

    - Bright Otanwa - 2019-10-03 03:33:47 Quote

  • the best ways tto make your hair grow faster naturally are
    -message your scalp

    -rub your scalp with essential oils

    -Do an oil conditioning treatment

    -make a restorative hair mask

    -use a boar bristle brush

    -know what not to use on your hair

    - Dalhatu Halliru - 2019-10-03 03:48:29 Quote

  • Though this is quite funny because I haven't heard about it before, but I really know that the rice water has a lot of nutrients in it. But I would try it a hope it works

    - Keshinro David - 2019-10-03 14:11:56 Quote

  • I have  also  use rice water for  my  hair  and it works perfectly  well on my hair, it makes  the hair  grow very  well  without  any  side effect. It is a good  means for growing  ur hair 

    - Sule Jane - 2019-10-03 15:19:09 Quote

  • I have a younger sister that I long saw, when I went to visit them I just saw her keeping the water we used to perboil rice while I expected her to pour it away 

    it was then I had to ask her what she was keeping the water for then she told me it’s for her hair, she uses it to wash her hair and it’s been working for her.

    it was funny as I laughed at her but since I’ve been trying it it’s really been working for me. 

    It’s something ladies should tryout especially those of us that our hair isn’t growing 

    - Omodunmiju Oluwaseun - 2019-10-03 15:56:18 Quote

  • I heard of it and tried it and was surprised it actually work. It doesn't only make your hair fuller and longer but it also reduces splits end and reduces breakage of the hair. I advice all ladies should try it out especially ones with natural hair 

    - Chioma Sharon - 2019-10-03 17:38:02 Quote

  • Someone told me about this some months ago to my surprise I give a trail and it works, it's hard to believe though but it's active. It also works for beards, it's something handy you don't have to waste your rice water again.

    - Obadare Francis - 2019-10-03 18:55:02 Quote

  • I have heard about the use of rice water to grow and make hair more healthy but what I am not getting is the the boiling method do I need to add salt or just boil the rice  without salt.

    Answer needed   please

    - Eklou Gbenga Tunde - 2019-10-03 19:23:10 Quote

  • This is a very gud nd easy wat to make our hair grow fast.. I tried it after watching the video on You Tube it was very easy for me to do it

    I really love it...nd it really helpful 😊😊😊

    - Miracle favour - 2019-10-03 20:06:10 Quote

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