I Want Patrick Back!

Um.....I'm​ sixteen ......I'm already in the university....I study medicine and surgery....I'm the last in the family....I have 6 older siblings who are all married.....so I stay with my cousin....

Her name's Mitchell....she's a banker....so she's very busy....sometimes I see her only twice a week.....she comes hone very late at night and goes out very early in the morning as early as 4:30am

So....I've always had this classmate of mine who has been after me...he likes me, I also liked him...he's actually my bestie in my male friends....but I was scared of dating him...because  I've seen him break girl's  without remorse.....because he tells me everything....so we talk on daily basis....and I also tell him everything so I decided since....I was going to remain in the friend zone..I'd rather be a good bestie than a bitter lover......You can imagine what it's like to like someone who introduces several girls to me a his girlfriends, sometimes I even have to choose his girls for him.....but all that was a very long time ago.......

So.....he has always liked me.....and I have always liked him.....so when we were all admitted to universities, we ended up I'm the same school.....he's in engineering department...and i'm in medicine department....so...we see each other in several occasions and yes we stay in the same estate,.....so sometimes he comes over to see me.....so on this particular day.... He came to see me...it was a cold Saturday afternoon....and my cousin was out.........so we were alone in the house.....so we decided to see a movie.....some minutes into the movie...I left him to go to my room....to get something so while I got to my room....he came in and before I could turn....he grabbed my butt and pinned me up against the wall....and kissed me....it was a long passionate kiss.....I wanted it but because I was in shock....it wasn't so good.....

So when we untangled.....his words were "I've been meaning to do this for a long while.....and now....I want more....let's make it official Ella...I know you feel the same way like I do.....I want you to be mine....and there he said it..."I've changed for you Ella, because I want to be that guy who would turn you on.....please be my girlfriend....."

I just stood crying because....I didn't know what to say or do.....I was supposed to be excited right?....But I was so ashamed.....I felt hopeless....I was broken.......Eventually...I asked him to leave before things got out of hand...because electricity was in the air....my entire body was on fire.....but he just stood there, looking as hot as ever.....then he said...."nothing pleases you Ella"

"No one's ever good enough for you....no one will be ever good enough for you!"Then he stalked out of the house, leaving me very confused! And since then he's refused to pick my calls....he doesn't reply my text....in fact I think he's out of town.....

I'm broken....I've not eaten in a week

I'm partly the reason for this issue.....and I miss him dreadfully but I'm also scared...because I don't want him treating me like his exes...I just want Patrick back....and I don't even have words for him.....I'm confused

By emmanuella odumodu

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  • This is a serious issue sister, I think he has actually been waiting for such a moment for a long time and when he sees you aren't interested he left. Some guys can stay with you for a long time just for them to get what they want and when they get what they want they leave. Do not be eager to see him if he truly loves you he would come back.l, though it not easy as said

    - Obikoya Sandra - 2019-10-27 20:29:31 Quote

  • Do you really think Patrick loves you or you two are just having feeling for yourselves.since he doesn't feel remorse dumping a lady,he will also do the say to you, feeling come and go.it is not easy for a man to change,he might just be saying it for you to come to him.I think you should just be yourselve.Good guys will come around.

    - Arotiba Adebola - 2019-10-28 14:51:20 Quote

  • I feel Patrick expressed his love in a wrong way,words would have been enough but by kissing you he confused you and so it's not your fault. If he loves you he will come over and apologize and start afresh again the right way.

    - David auta - 2019-10-29 14:41:17 Quote

  • Seriously I don't think you need a relationship to complicate your life right now. Afterall you are just 16years and a fresher. If you make any mistake that leads to pregnancy right now it may destroy your dream of becoming a medical doctor. Trust me at the right time when you are matured enough you will find yourself in the right relationship. For now remain just friends with him and let him know that it's because you aren't ready not because you don't love him. If he loves you he will wait for you.

    - Georgia Gboyega - 2019-10-30 16:52:40 Quote

  • I don't think it's love dear, it might be infatuation or lust, thing it's hard to conclude if he truly meant it or he's just faking it just to get what he wants like he does to other girls. If he truly loves you, then he should understand your intense and he should call you to make sure you're okay. Anyways just be careful and make the right decision.

    - Marvel Chukwukelu - 2019-11-02 16:26:38 Quote

  • From everything I've read here, I'm not sure what Patrick feels for you is love.. You were right to have rejected him. That's not a way to express one's feelings to a girl.. If he loved you, he would have understood you. He wouldn't have left.. Don't go pursuing him, let him come back to you. If he doesn't, you'll get someone better... He was with you all along just for what he wanted..

    - Toluwalope Akinsooto - 2019-11-14 17:52:01 Quote

  • Patrick does not love you, that a fact. Beside you  are 16, you should focus more on your life now rather than worrying over a guy. The deed has been done, get up and put your life back in order. And forget about Patrick and any other guy for the main time

    - Abdulhammed Wakilat - 2019-11-20 00:54:21 Quote

  • It's very okay for you to be scared because of the his past escapades but you should also bear in mind that people change and they can become better versions of themselves if given the chance. The best thing you can do now is to try to reach out to him, meet up and try to have one on one conversation with him and try to iron things out

    - Caleb Ohaeri - 2019-12-04 23:29:00 Quote

  • My dear,if he really loves you he will come back for you, don't go looking for him because the moment he gets what he wants, he will leave. You have to be sure if he sincerely and truly loves you. I know it's not easy but please bear it, and I believe you will get the best result at the end. 

    - Chidinma Eze - 2019-12-05 10:33:37 Quote

  • I believe he didn't give you enough time to process your feelings and he felt rejected that's why he lashed out, like you said he was a heartbreaker but if he said he's changed you can only take his words and hope that he truly has. What I suggest you do is find time to locate him, meet him and both of you should have a conversation on what you both truly want from each other, communication is key in any relationship and personally I don't believe in waiting for him to come back what if he never does but he really loves and you just rejected him remember so it's only right that you go in search of him if you truly love him and explain what you want cause he isn't a magician to know what you want or how you feel without you saying something about it, I hope he listens and you guys figure it out 

    - Daniel Oshodi - 2019-12-05 12:44:20 Quote

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