Immorality In Church

The Church should have been a place where people learn morals and become good and responsible citizens in the Society. But today, some Judas are bent in destroying the image of Christ in Church.They hide under the pretence of Church workers in perpetrating evils. If you see some of the so called workers in Church what they do outside the Church you will weep for the Church, the body of Christ. 

Some of them are addict smokers, some are crazy womanizer while some are 419 amongst others. When you see them display outside the Church you wonder if it's the same person you used to see in Church who used to be holier than the Bible...

Some can date six sisters at the same time and promise them marriage. They derive joy in sleeping with  girls in the name of marriage. While some can tell dozens of lies within a minute. To them, telling lies is a normal lifestyle. Some of them go after married men and women. While some are expert in duping people. 

I had an ugly experience with one in my unit. A good brother introduced this guy who happened to be in the same unit with us to me. During my wedding preparation, I gave this guy money to buy materials and sew uniforms for my men on suit. That was on October, 2018 while the wedding took place on 15 December, 2018. Up till date I've not seen the uniforms and my money. 

Some of them club like the devil himself. They smoke anything smokeable and drink anything drinkable. 

I am not judging them though. But we should be known by what we believe and stand for. No one can serve two masters at the same time. These attitudes drive people away from Church. Let us turn a new leave please. 

You can go ahead and state other unpleasant habits of Church workers you know. 

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