Importance Of ABO Groups In Blood Transfusion.

The process of blood transfusion, compatible blood must be used. The person giving the blood is known as the DONOR while the person receiving blood is known as the RECIPIENT. Before transfusion, the antigens of the donor and the antibody of the recipient are considered while the antibody of the donor and the antigens of the recipient are not important here. 

Blood group O has no antigen, therefore agglutination (clotting) does not occur with any other blood group. This means that blood group O can be given to any blood group. People with blood group O are called Universal Donors. 

AB groups have no antibody,  so agglutination of rbc from any other group does not occur. People from this blood group are known as Universal Recipients.

Blood group B has B antigens and anti A antibody. Blood group A has antigen A and antibody B..

It is necessary to know the blood groups of individuals before blood transfusion takes place, so as to avoid clotting of blood, which may have adverse effect. 

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