Importance Of Studying Political Science

After secondary school, I wanted to study Law, not because I wanted to be a lawyer but because I thought it will be easier being a politician studying law because have always wanted to do politics. 

But as times goes on, after putting in for law two times and was not given admission, I decided to put political science instead since that's what I really wanted to do.

I was given admission the first time I put in for political science and these are some of the importance of studying the course that I find out.

Contrary to the popular believe that a political science will be a politician in the future, is not total true. A political scientist or a student of political science is a political analyse. 
Politician are like a lab experiment ready to be worked on. 
A political scientist is a prophet or prophetess of politics. They foresee or dictate what will happen in a country politically or what the futures holds for a politician.

If eventually a political scientist decided to go into politics, he or she tends to have an upper hand in politics because he or she knows d do's and don't of politics already.

There are many advantage or job opportunities for anybody that study political science. 
The person can end up being and ambassador or a high commissioner
The person can equally work in the bank because of the skills and knowledge of administration he or she has 
A political scientist will always be considered first in a place of work where public administration graduate is, or international relations. This is because political science is the mother of all social sciences and therefore has more rep compare to those courses. 

Political science will groomed you with the knowledge of politics and the things happening around the world politically.
A political scientist can be appointed as a minister, commissioner, special advisers, chairman of a political party and many more.


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