In The Music Industry Today, Who Is Your Best Nigerian Artist And Why?

The music industry has experienced a slight shift in the pattern of music, the kind of music being enjoyed today is quite different from what we enjoyed many years back.

Let's discuss, mention the musician(s) you love in this generation and why? 

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  • All artists have something that captivates their audiences, so it's not a question of who is the best, but of whom is the most successful.

    - Hiram Ogonor - 2019-08-16 09:40:06 Quote

  • My best Nigerian artist still remains (wizkid)

    Why is because I love his voice and his way of singing 

    - Alexander Akiama - 2019-08-16 09:42:42 Quote

  • My favorite musician in Nigeria is davido, I just like his pattern of music and his generosity towards the upcoming musicians.

    - Williams Victor - 2019-08-16 10:16:34 Quote

  • simisola and adekunle, the couple gives me joy with their lyrics

    - IBRAHIM HAFIZ - 2019-08-16 10:19:05 Quote

  • Burns Boy, it is because he now understand his pattern of sound and understand what his fans are eager to hear, and give them hit back to back.

    - Evans Macaulay - 2019-08-16 10:28:29 Quote

  • Wizkid is my best and favourite musician in the music industry because God blessed him with music talent 

    - DAUDA ABDULMUMUNI - 2019-08-16 11:03:35 Quote

  • 2baba, because his music really makes sense 

    - Theophilus Fagbenle - 2019-08-16 12:10:48 Quote

  • Wizkid is my best. The best are artits with the talent in them,and whose music brings up good vibes.

    - Peter Martins - 2019-08-16 12:17:41 Quote

  • No best really. 

    But I love Teni because of her style and her voice is thrilling even without the use of a mixer. She is so free 

    I love Simi too. Simple dresser and a great voice she has too. 

    I love them both because their songs reaches to the soul

    - Osasu Amas - 2019-08-16 12:17:43 Quote

  • I will pick davido and adekunle gold because both of them are always proud of their country

    - Obaji ifeanyichukwu - 2019-08-16 14:04:09 Quote

  • Timaya because his song really make sense to me

    - Akpai pius - 2019-08-16 14:33:41 Quote

  • My best still remain idibia bàbà. 

    Never sings dirty! 

    - Daniel Adeyemi - 2019-08-16 15:30:48 Quote

  • For me,Johnny drille.

    So much love his cool songs

    - Orieka James - 2019-08-16 15:31:11 Quote

  • I don't have any favorite artist at the moment, I listen to good music no matter who sings it

    - Uche Emmanuel Kelechukwu - 2019-08-16 15:41:45 Quote

  • I love wizkid,I'm just taken in by anything he sings...because of his voice...Soco is my best of his makes you move.

    - Rita Amadedon - 2019-08-16 16:27:45 Quote

  • Burna Boy his music inspires and he represents Africa with his songs

    - Godswill Adie - 2019-08-16 23:53:53 Quote

  • I don't have any best because all of them got talent 

    - Christina Yusuf - 2019-08-17 22:08:50 Quote

  • My best Nigerian Artiste currently is Kizz Daniel, because his music inspire me alot tho he is not an inspirational Artiste but his songs gives me joy whenever am listening to any

    - Njoku Bright - 2019-09-05 11:31:38 Quote

  • Davido and Olamide... I just love them because of what they had to go through to be where they're today... Davido despite his father's money and influence still had to put so much headwork to earn that recognition.

    - Yusuf Habeeb - 2019-09-06 18:30:59 Quote

  • Adekunle Gold and Simi, this couple songs reaches my soul, they sing songs with meaningful lyrics

    I love Olamide too cos he's matured and most of his songs are meaningful

    - Halimat Usman - 2019-09-08 23:40:22 Quote

  • Music should be a picture of reality in a mince with rhythm. My choice of best musician lies on how well you present your own piece and the blend. For now Burna boy has a flavour. Wizkid is a stan. Fireboy is a game changer... Time will tell. I know for sure

    - Daniel Thomas - 2019-09-09 02:39:23 Quote

  • My favorite Nigeria musician is Davido,why,because i love his music pattern,his music inspire me alot,he’s always in support of his country,his musics gives me joy whenever am listening to them.

    - Ahmad Abubakar - 2019-09-09 09:07:51 Quote

  • I love most of our Artsist because they are exceptionally good. But any song I see ft Patoranking, Tiwa, Timaya or Simi am so much downloading it ASAP

    - Franklin Okafor - 2019-09-10 06:22:42 Quote

  • My best Nigerian Artiste currently is Dremo, because his music inspire me alot tho he is not an inspirational Artiste but his songs gives me joy whenever am listening to any.

    to be sincere it  i love his music pattern,his music inspire me alot,he’s always in support of his country,his musics gives me joy whenever am listening to them.

    - Fadaini Alex - 2019-09-10 12:28:03 Quote

  • My favorite artist is Adekunle Gold.

    The reason why is that, have never seeing him  uttering any violence word in his songs. Qudos to him for that. 

    - IFEOLUWA OREWALE - 2019-09-10 23:52:35 Quote

  • My favourite singer is Adekunle Gold because his style of sing is far different than others, his lyrics always clear and make sense, his dressing style is unique and his voice is always sweet in my ear, his dancing style his normal and easy.. I can't even mention all the quality that made him my favourite hip hop artist... But i Love the guy in term of hip hop artist.. 

    - Yahaya Solihudeen Ajiboye - 2019-09-11 18:05:01 Quote

  • My favourit artists are Adekunle Gold and Simisola. . why.   Because

    their lyrics give me joy.. .and the lyrics are very meaningful... They sing from their hearts. ..especially when they sing together. Its so sweet... 

    - Obajulaye Omobolaji - 2019-09-11 20:43:41 Quote

  • left to me i go for falzthe badguy he has this singing ability that all other artists fail to posses and his hits are all making sense and most of them are all saying about nigerian current state.

    - Franklin Chidera - 2019-09-12 20:53:25 Quote

  • All Nigerian musicians are doing great but I have this much love and respect for Jude Abaga, I believe he's still the greatest rapper ever, he raps and talks so much about our society not just about love and girls. Respect M.I🙌

    - Josiah Prince - 2019-09-13 09:20:31 Quote

  • I think davido is the best,my reason for choosing his is that despite he is big he never dorgets that he has a root in nigeria,even when on collab internally he still talks of his country 

    - Abubakar Akilu - 2019-09-16 20:48:42 Quote

  • Its my guy Wizkid aka Star boy.. I love him.because he produce good music.. All his songs are so bam.. Throwback issa hit.. And now he's also having a clothing line.. 

    Starboy.. 😍😍

    - Idris Maryam - 2019-09-17 09:11:04 Quote

  • None because I don't encourage the idea where God endow you with talent to sing to God's glory but one choose to sing to edify the flesh, the world and the devil, women appear have naked and dance and our children watch a d become seducedvand got currupted

    - NsikanAbasi Udosen - 2019-09-17 12:03:16 Quote

  • I would say wizkid and burna boy.. but wizikid..

    He is jst too talented..his career has been him all the way..all his songs are mostly singles 

    Back to back hit single songs...

    Wizkid is the african micheal jackson of this generation.

    I rest my case.

    - Iheukwu shallom - 2019-09-17 13:02:53 Quote

  • All Nigerian musicians are doing great but I have this much love and respect for Jude Abaga, I believe he's still the greatest rapper ever, he raps and talks so much about our society not just about love and girls. Respect M.I🙌

    - Babalola Ayodele - 2019-09-18 22:16:05 Quote

  • Falz d bahd guy is my favourite artist in Nigeria because he finds a way to channel is Comedy and song together in order to pass the message. So basically says serious things in a funny way so as not to offend people or to look

    - Nicholas Usiahon - 2019-09-18 22:17:07 Quote

  • Burna man, my best and forever best not only me can testify to that listen to the voice of AFRICA.. they all are very proud of him, I see him as a role model, as a titan an African GIANT, he's worth the title belive me, he's got the skills,  the vibes and many more 

    - Erinfolami Olamilekan - 2019-09-19 09:18:06 Quote

  • My Best musician Still Remain WIZKID

    Why Because he's very intelligent and more mature, and the way he sings, Because he didn't give fucking about what They says about Him.

    - Gideon Ishaku - 2019-09-19 12:04:31 Quote

  • The best artists in Nigeria at the moment to me is Burna Boy. His sound is unique and he does a really good job in being versatile with it. Give him a jazz beat and he’d flow with it, give him trap, he’d blend, even gospel song he’d blend and other music genres too. He’s too good and so far I haven’t heard any bad song from him. 

    - Omosivwe Jonathan - 2019-09-20 13:12:10 Quote

  • Yes, a lot has changed. But that doesn't mean there are music better than the olden days and vice versa. Ed sheeran, Sia, Camilla Cabello, Shawn Mendes? I Stan! 

    - Francisca Jay - 2019-09-22 14:32:16 Quote

  • In the Music Industry today who is your best Nigeria artist and why. 

    In Nigeria today many artists are many but for my own i llove davdio why because i love the way he sing and the music is good. 

    - Ochemba Onyinyechi - 2019-09-22 16:04:55 Quote

  • Mine is L.A.X because his style is unique and his music is cool inspirational and Sweet. His Music Group Rasaki Music Group is a massively big and I consider it best in nigeria

    - Kamaldeen Keshinro - 2019-09-22 17:06:31 Quote

  • I'm a fan of Fuji music and my favourite Fuji artist is King Dr saheed Osupa. 

    I love his music because he always teach the world many lessons through his music, more so he always sing with different kind of lyrics and he is always bound in promoting African culture throughout the world, for this I love his music and will always remain his fans till eternity....

    - Gbenga Makinde - 2019-09-26 19:24:06 Quote

  • 1, Davido

    2, Burnaboy_he is just to unique and different in his music

    3, Rema_ young and talented

    4, Rudeboy_ why don't you go listen to audio money

    5, naira marley_ I love dancing to his songs

    6, zlatan_ same thing with Marley 

    7, jeoboy_ I love his songs

    8, fireboy_ cool too


    - Honour Chop - 2019-09-26 21:13:08 Quote

  • I don't think so because he can't be living fake life while he is also doing give away for people even mostly in Nigeria even though is not from Nigeria the most follower he has on Instagram are Nigerian and it may be likely we don't know the work is doing but I don't think there is any thing fake in is life but saying he is richer than dangote it a long term lie 

    - Boniface David - 2019-09-27 15:47:11 Quote

  • Wizkid is still the best, because his passion for music hasn't be overpowered yet by any new artiste yet... his passion for music drives him to be the top contender. Most of these new artiste don't even have passion for music until they saw holla at your boy and the likes which made them envy his position and wanted to take his spot. He is Africa's new music generation biggest insipration.

    - Dodo Gafar - 2019-10-01 09:21:04 Quote

  • No artist is the best in Nigeria apart from being a hero wizkid  and 2baba at both music wizard we hard in Nigeria and we have all that try and work hard to release hit to the fans as well and those was like Patorankin, kizz Daniel Burna boy and so on God bless DMW as well.

    - Olanrewaju Isaiah - 2019-10-02 21:09:49 Quote

  • All artistes are really good at what they do, it is just a matter of choice to choose the style you want. As for me i love falz, why: he is natural he doesnt show off, talking about his songs, the lyrics are always edifying, and clear, there are a lot of lessons one learn from his songs unlike most nigeria rap songs. He speaks the truth, he is a really talented artiste.

    - Oluwapelumi Adebayo - 2019-10-03 14:42:04 Quote

  • My favourite artist remain olamide.

    Why-because olamide is such a person with a true life story songs and he empowered the youth.the difference is clear.

    Go to ybnl and see the hand work of olamide.

    Olamide for life

    - Yahaya Jemilu - 2019-10-04 07:30:00 Quote

  • I live Wizkid, Lyta, Davido and Rema. I love Wizkid and Lyta because of the flow of their music. I love Davido because he is a good singer and also willing to help younger artists grow; he is down to earth. I love Rema because he is doing very well with his music irrespective of his tender age. 

    - Nwalie Anselm - 2019-10-05 17:07:45 Quote

  • The only two artist that I will forever live are burna-boy and 2baba..

    They are legends of music. There is not one of either of their songs that doesn't make sence or have a very good and meaning words..

    All the songs they sing has meaning.. Their songs are forever green..

    - Glory Ibe - 2019-10-05 23:07:11 Quote

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