Introducing - Alternative To Facebook Limitations And Restrictions

Dear supporters,

Apologies for not posting viral share last weekend. This is due to Facebook issues as they don't want NNU Income to trend, this has led us to sit up and plan a better option that will work for the continuity of NNU Income project and also to have a better lasting alternative option that works in building audience and more engagement on social media.

We wont allow Facebook to limit us, while we will continue promotion on Facebook in side way, we are migrating our social activities to a full function alternative option to Facebook without any restrictions and limitation whatsoever. Facebook has been hard on trending system over the years, in the last week, we have experience a lot of deletion of our post including our official group by Facebook, this shows that Facebook dont want to allow us to grow. Hence we will migrate to an alternative option that works.

We hereby introduce to you a new social network which we will be using aside Facebook for some of our activities.

Here comes, a new social media with a different and value with most of Facebook features and twitter but getting improved from time to time with more other features you can never find on Facebook soon or later.

Twitam is coined out of Nigeria pigdin, as in share am, post am or twit am freely without any limitations or any restriction. Its a growing social network and the future one of the largest social media to come as the system is and will be well supported with partners and huge campaign promotion all over the world starting from Nigeria.

With this, we are starting the pushing right with our NNU Income program opportunity and we will be using it as one of out tools to carry out membership activeness and review. So you wont need to border about Facebook or Facebook post, or Facebook account hacked or whatever anymore. All you have to do now is to create a valid active account on, complete your profile and remain actives to make sure you get paid your earning on NNU Forum.

Important Notice: All NNU Forum Members Must Be Active, Check On Update And Share Our Post On

Once you register on Twitam, locate NNU Forum Page, like it and then share our daily post either on your Twitam timeline, Whatsapp or other social media except Facebook. Make sure you edit and complete your profile with your picture. Also try to get more Twitam friends to grow your audience.
Upcoming features:
We are coming up with incentive and reward plans among for the best performance both in activities engagement and referrals. We will be having different star levels with different reward including millions cash award, trip and car award. SO dont give up yet, you never can tell what NNU Project have for you.
A program will also be launched as part of NNU Income project mainly for NNU Forum members. Those who refuse to join NNU Forum will be missing this because it will be the best among the rest and a solution to bigger financial problem because it will be rewarding. It will be a program where people join without any complain of no benefit since when they join.
Watch Out. If you are not yet a member, join us now.
Here is what you will get when you join us on NNU Forum today:
You will earn and cash out even without referral as a regular earner turn by turn or
Earn up to 71.5% affiliate commission per referral if you are an affiliate guru or take the bull by the horn and become NNU smart earner.
You can also earn 15% agent commission per sales daily if you work smart with us as a smart distributor.
Wow, you should not miss this lucrative opportunity.
You can whatsapp support line on 07081828392
To join NNU Forum is very affordable. All you need is just a one time membership + product payment of ₦1,400 ONLY. We will not only share monthly revenue with you as a member but we also have more interesting goodies to spice up your day which i am pretty sure you will enjoy.
Trust me on this one, you will be proud to be part of NNU Income Project and NNU community at large.
Come and join us now and stop thinking otherwise. If you are already a member, share this post on your timeline and also tag few prospect among your friends.
If you are not yet a member, contact anyone who share this post with you and get a referral link to register asap. Delay is dangerous.
If you no join #NNU_Forum, wetin you gain?

#NNU Smart_distributors earns more. Registration E-Pin distributors / agent opportunity door is still open, before i decide to close it. Whatsapp me if you are interested

Click here to Viral Share our post on your Twitam timeline in order to get paid by the end of this month. We usually verify members Twitam timeline before they cash out.


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